The Legend of the Blue Sea Ep 13 Recap & Update: Episode 14 Postponed to 2017, Storyline To Get Overhaul

The Legend of the Blue Sea Ep 13 solidified Heo Joon Jae and Sim Cheong’s relationship. With it, the flashbacks became more rampant as Joon-jae became more and more curious about his past life. Meanwhile, more attention has been given to Joon-jae’s missing mother. In the last episode, she had actually almost run into her husband at the hospital. But because of his cataract, he couldn’t see who the woman in front of him was. Unfortunately, Joon-jae’s mom could see him quite clearly, and she has mistaken his obliviousness for a real intent of disregard. It was also in this chance meeting that she discovered his husband’s new wife, who turned out to be her schoolmate who had offered her life insurance in the past. In Episode 13, Cha Si Ah wanted to impress Joon-jae so much that she took Ahjummoni Yoo-ran with her to his house to cook there in person. She figured that since Joon-jae loved the lunches she always brings, it would be a good idea to have the actual cook in the house so they can have a fresh hot meal together. But when Si-ah checked a picture in Joon-jae’s room while he’s away, she recognized his missing mother as Ahjumma Yoo-ran. Alas, instead of making sure that Joon-jae would see his mom at last, Si-ah chose to leave before the mother and soon could reunite. [Image by Seoul Broadcasting System] Meanwhile, Kang Seo-hee’s plan to change Heo Il Joong’s will has finally come into fruition. With Il-joong’s failing eyesight, she has managed to manipulate the lawyer and a witness to convince Joon-jae’s father to sign the tampered will. The new document reflects Heo Chi Hyun and herself as sole heirs to his inheritance. Since the will has already been signed by Il-joong, Seo-hee didn’t need to look after her useless husband anymore. One evening, with his vision almost impaired to the point of blindness, Il-joong fell off the stairs while Seo-hee watched. At just the right time, Chi-hyun arrived on site and witnessed his mother’s indifference. It’s a good thing he came on time because he was still able to call for an ambulance for his unfortunate stepfather. But even though he could see all of his mother’s devious plans, he always turns a blind eye at the expense of his clueless dad. Aside from this, the episode confirmed the real relationship between Seo-hee and Ma Dae Young. Turns out they are not just business partners, but lovers as well. It is assumed that Dae-young is probably Chi-hyun’s biological father. The real question is, will Chi-hyun come clean to the atrocities he witnessed his mom do, or will his love blind him from doing what’s right? Going back to Joon-jae, his desire to uncover more from his past life led him to agree to a deep psychoanalysis. This was when he discovered that in his past life, he died at a young age. It happened during the time when he had tried to protect the mermaid Se Hwa from Dae-young’s spear. In turn, Se Hwa plunges the spear deeper while she has Dam Ryeong in an embrace, so that she will die with him at sea. Unfortunately, Episode 14 will not be airing tonight. Instead, a movie-like episode will take its place, which would be a summary of the Korean drama so far. According to The Korea Times, the special episode will be similar to a director’s cut of the episodes covered by the drama. ~@only.junjihyun~ Legend of the Blue Sea to air special broadcast (Director’s cut of E01-E13) on Thursday (29th). E14 will be broadcast next week. ~ The first and last scene of episode 13….a heartbreak ???? ~ We’ll have to wait for next week to know what will happen to them next. ???? ~ Admin @twoworlds.w #LegendoftheBlueSea #푸른바다의전설 #전지현 #이민호 #leeminho #lmh #junjihyun #giannajun #jeonjihyun #sbs #kdrama #LOTBS #koreandrama #heojoonjae #shimchung #taeoh #shinwonho A photo posted by Legend Of The Blue Sea (@sbs_lotbs) on Dec 28, 2016 at 4:03pm PST According to Soompi, the K-Drama’s plot might have major developments in store, that’s why the airing of the next episode has been moved to 2017. Fans surmise that the show’s low ratings prompted production to rethink the show’s plot and editing of the remaining half of the drama. Despite Lee Min-ho and Jun ji-hyun as the flag bearers of the show, Episode 13 still received poor ratings to finish 4th (15.8%) nationwide, and only 2nd (18.4%) in Seoul. [Featured Image by Seoul Broadcasting System]

Angelina Jolie Is Reportedly Leaving The Country Amid Brad Pitt Custody Battle?

Angelina Jolie faced rumors of a possible move to London weeks ago, but now, she’s being accused of making secret plans to relocate from Los Angeles to her traditional Cambodian house in the middle of the jungle in Asia. As her divorce and custody battle with Brad Pitt rages on, the 41-year-old actress is reportedly preparing to escape the ongoing speculation into the end of her marriage and travel to Asia with her kids. “[Angelina Jolie] can’t take all the talk about her divorce in Hollywood,” a source told Radar Online of the actress’s alleged decision to leave town. “As soon as this divorce is settled she wants to get as far away as possible, and her place in Battembang, Cambodia is about as remote as you can get.” Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt share 6 kids, Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 8. However, due to the drama of their custody battle, Jolie has been granted temporary full physical custody of the children and Pitt is limited to monitored visitation. Angelina Jolie arrives at the UN Peacekeeping Defence Ministerial on September 8, 2016
[Image by Stefan Rousseau – WPA Pool/Getty Images] Since parting ways months ago, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have unloaded their home in New Orleans and put their French estate, Chateau Miraval, up for sale. As fans of the former couple may recall, Angelina Jolie and the actor tied the knot at Chateau Miraval in August 2014 with their children at their sides. Throughout their marriage, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt spent time at a number of different homes in a number of different counties, but just prior to their split, they were living at their Los Feliz home in Los Angeles with their children. Although the former couple shares several homes, including a place in New York City, Angelina Jolie’s home in Cambodia is her own. “It’s the one place that has absolutely nothing to do with Brad,” explained the source. “[Angelina Jolie] bought it two years before they fell in love, so she feels like spending a few months there will help her get clarity on life for the first time in a while.” Angelina Jolie attends a meeting with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on March 16, 2016
[Image by Milos Bicanski/Getty Images] Angelina Jolie took her children and left her husband in September and moved to a home in Malibu as she filed documents to end her marriage. In October, an X17 Online report revealed that the actress was living at the home of her friend, Universal executive Ron Meyer. According to the report, the environmentally-friendly home sits on a huge long lot and features a private staircase to the beach. In other Angelina Jolie news, the actress is reportedly struggling to keep her children happy as they continue to adjust to life without the regular support of their dad. “Angelina Jolie has been struggling with keeping the kids happy,” an insider told Hollywood Life last month. “It’s been weeks since the kids moved out of their home and they are getting homesick. The children are sad, miss the huge house they grew up in, and have been complaining to Angelina that they want to go home. The older children are not happy with the situation while the younger kids are having trouble understanding why they can’t just go home.” The “home” the source was referring to was Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s former marital home in Los Feliz, where Pitt is believed to still be living. “The Los Feliz home has been where the kids have spent most of their time growing up,” the insider explained. “Brad has built a huge skate ramp for the kids on the property and they all have their own rooms there too. They may have lots of houses but the Los Feliz house has always been home.” [Featured Image by Jemal Countess/Getty Images]

Michelle Le: On 'Dateline'–Missing California Nursing Student Found Dead, Killed By Best Friend Giselle Esteban

The death of former missing nursing student Michelle Le is back on television. This time the murder case will air on Dateline NBC. The Dateline episode, “Vanished,” aired on television in 2013. Michelle Le was tracked down and murdered by her ex-best friend, Giselle Esteban. Inquisitr brought you the story when it aired on Investigation Discovery’s See No Evil and Oxygen’s Snapped. Dateline will outline the case and bring you key points in the investigation that led to the killer’s arrest. Giselle Esteban killed Michelle Le out of jealousy. @HaywardPD @AlamedaCountyDA. Join me on #Snapped @oxygen 6/9p — Henry K. Lee (@henrykleeKTVU) September 11, 2016 Michelle Le’s dead body was found decomposed after months of being exposed to the elements. The body was in such a bad state that a cause of death couldn’t be determined. According to Dateline NBC’s coverage, Michelle Le first vanished in May 2011. What was strange was that she disappeared from the safest place one would expect, Kaiser Permanente Hospital, where she was a nursing student. Authorities say that 26-year-old Michelle Le was in class one minute and the next minute she had completely disappeared. The last anyone knew was that Michelle was going to her car to retrieve an item. Someone in her car was later seen speeding out of the parking lot. The bizarre mystery left Michelle Le’s family baffled and sick with worry. The tenacious nursing student was not the kind of person to leave class and fail to return without warning. It didn’t take long for detectives to unravel Michelle’s life and find a deadly connection between her one-time best friend, Giselle Esteban and her disappearance. California detectives learned that Michelle Le’s former friendship with Giselle Esteban had turned ugly. Esteban was convinced that Michelle Le was after her boyfriend especially after learning that the two had a brief relationship at one time. #news Giselle Esteban: ‘Snapped’ Spotlights Ex-Friend Who Lured, Killed California Nurse, Michelle Le — Sports News (@bazmi117) September 11, 2016 However, the man at the center of the controversy, Scott Marasigan, denied ever having with Michelle Le. Still Giselle Esteban had cooked up an entire ual fling in her mind, which she believed existed between the father of her child and her best friend, CBS-SF Bay Area reported. “Marasigan testified on Monday that he never had with Le, either during their month-long dating relationship or at any later time. He said Tuesday that Esteban was irate at him when she learned that Le had confided to him at a party in 2005 that she was pregnant and was planning to have an abortion. Esteban was also pregnant at the time and ultimately gave birth to the couple’s daughter on Oct. 31, 2005. Marasigan said he and Esteban had “some discussions about whether I slept with Michelle” but he denied Esteban’s allegations that he’d had an affair with Le.” Giselle Esteban decided that she needed to settle it in the worst way possible. She was going to kill Michelle. To do it, she tried to hunt down exactly which class Michelle would be attending that day. Then she stole a nursing lab coat and walked the halls looking for Michelle Le. Detectives know that this is what happened because hospital video surveillance captured it all. Prosecutors believe at some point she accosted Michelle Le at her vehicle, evidenced by the blood found in the car. From there, no one knows exactly how Michelle was killed. But her body was later found dumped after months of trying to locate her. Some other details that stand out Giselle Esteban was so obsessed with Michelle Le that internet searches show that she looked up her name 300 times, according to NBC Bay Area. The family and the community were so distraught that they offered a $65,000 reward for info leading to Michelle’s whereabouts. Records show that Esteban had a history of depression and disturbing behavior. Read about that here. Be sure to watch Michelle Le’s sad story on Dateline NBC. It airs this Friday, December 30, at 9/8 p.m. Central. [Featured Image By Paul Sakuma/AP Images]

School Bus Driver Falls Asleep Behind Wheel: 'Get Off At Next Stop' Parents Text To Frightened Kids

Pictures of a bus driver nodding off in the rear-view mirror were taken by a few of the scared kids riding on his bus. The kids called and texted their parents, who were waiting for their arrival at home. Many of the parents texted or phoned back similar directions to their kids on the school bus, which was, “get off at the next stop.” The young traumatized passengers heeded the urgent advice from their parents and exited the bus at the very next stop. When the bus started to swerve the kids looked up to see the bus driver’s eyes closed and the text messages went out to parents, who called the police. It was about 3:40 p.m. when the police in Shelton, Connecticut, received calls about a bus driver nodding off behind the wheel and driving erratically with children on the bus. Pictures the school kids captured of their bus driver asleep at the wheel appear in a collage tweeted below. Shelton bus driver Paul Pixley is set to be arraigned today–accused of falling asleep while driving kids. These are Snapchat pics they took — Marissa Alter (@MarissaAlter) December 28, 2016 One of the many pictures of the bus driver sleeping posted to Snapchat has a caption that simply says, “My bus driver is sleeping,” reports the New York Daily News. As you can see in the Twitter post above another child wrote, “OMGG” and yet another child posted “Sleep” for a caption on their picture. When the police pulled Paul Pixley over driving the bus, none of the 30 student passengers were in the vehicle, as they all heeded the advice of their caregivers to just “get off.” Police determined all the kids got off at an earlier stop because the 55-year-old man kept falling asleep behind the wheel. Some of the kids called their parents and others texted to those at home waiting for them to at the end of the school day. One parent who talked to NBC Connecticut News said that her daughter was “absolutely hysterical.” Vienna DiPiave described just how frightened her daughter was during the phone call she made while riding on the bus as the driver swerved all over the road. The mom couldn’t understand a word her daughter was saying at first because she was so shaken on the bus as the driver was drifting on and off asleep. Some of the kids called or texted their parents to come and get them after getting off the bus at a stop that wasn’t their normal after school drop-off spot. Police arrested Pixley on 30 counts of risk of injury to a minor, second-degree breach of the peace, second-degree reckless endangerment and reckless driving, reports Channel 22 News Connecticut. He is being held on a $75,000 bond. According to Fox News, the manager of the bus company showed up on the scene to drive the bus back to the company. He said that Pixby had recently fallen asleep behind the wheel of the bus and rolled backwards into a car while at an intersection. This was only nine-days prior to this incident. The bus is equipped with a video, which provided police with the evidence needed for the charges levied against Pixby. He can be seen on the bus nodding off and at one point when a student yelled at him, in an attempt to wake him up, he yelled back “I’m not sleeping.” The children are seen being thrown from their seats at one point during this bus ride after the driver fell asleep and jammed on the brakes, reports Fox News. Police discovered that Pixby had students on the bus when he fell asleep in the driver’s seat 10-times in the matter of an hour and a half on December 16, the day police pulled him over. He had done a few runs that day with children from the high school and middle school. The video showed also showed how on that same day Pixley was driving an empty bus on his way to pick up students. He pulled the empty bus over to the side of the road and then he unbuckled his seat belt and exited his seat. He stands facing the back of the bus as if people were there and starts yelling inside the bus, which was void of all passengers. The school bus driver who feel asleep at the wheel while driving kids home from school revealed he was on a dosage of 80 mg. of methadone that he gets from a local clinic. He told police that he didn’t offer this information to the bus company he worked for because “they didn’t ask.” Methadone is a medication that is used for treating pain or for treating an addiction and it can cause drowsiness. (AP Photo/Steve Legge) Pixby admitted to taking 80 mgs of methadone, a drug, which he gets from a local methadone clinic. He did not put this information on his job application for the bus company because “they didn’t ask.” The judge was asked by Pixby’s attorney, Jonathan Gable, that he be released under a promise to appear. The judge refused this request, citing the seriousness of the charges he is facing. During his hearing the bus driver requested to speak, but the judge denied his request. The judge also forbid Pixby to drive a bus while this case is pending, ordered an evaluation for substance abuse, and kept Pixby on the $75,000 bond originally set on the day of his arrest. His next appearance in court is slated for January 18, 2017. [Featured Image: AP Photo/Jae C. Hong]

Debbie Reynolds Died: Heartbreaking Last Words Were For Daughter Carrie Fisher

Classic movie superstar Debbie Reynolds died just one day after daughter Carrie Fisher died of a heart attack. The official records may show that Debbie Reynolds died from a stroke, but few will dispute that the grief-stricken Debbie died from a broken heart. The world has looked on aghast as the list of 2016 celebrity deaths lengthened over this holiday period. Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt died on Christmas Eve, pop star George Michael added to the list of celebrity deaths on Christmas Day. As recently reported in the Inquisitr 2016 has been a dreadful year for celebrity deaths, and with the loss of Reynolds and Fisher the world has lost two giants of the silver screen. (Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) Reynolds, who was 84-years-old, took to Facebook on Christmas Day to say that Carrie Fisher was doing well. Fisher had been hospitalized after suffering a heart attack on a flight from London. Passengers on her flight had administered CPR until paramedics rushed the Star Wars legend to hospital. Debbie said that Carrie was stable and that she would keep fans up to date with her progress. “My daughter, Carrie Fisher, is in stable condition in ICU.” “If there is any change, the family will share the information at that time. To all her friends and fans, I thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.” Tragically, Fisher died just a few hours later. Reynolds made another Facebook post to thank fans for their “thoughts and prayers.” “Thank you to everyone who has embraced the gifts and talents of my beloved and amazing daughter. I am grateful for your thoughts and prayers that are now guiding her to her next stop. Love Carries Mother” Carrie Fisher’s cause of death appears to have been heart failure, and it seems that Debbie Reynolds died from a broken heart. Debbie’s son and Carrie’s brother Todd Fisher, revealed that his mother’s dying wish was to be with Carrie. What Were Debbie Reynolds Last Words? Todd Fisher told Reuters that Reynolds had been rushed to Cedars-Sinai hospital yesterday after suffering a stroke brought on by the stress of Fisher’s death. Announcing his mother’s death Fisher said “it’s true, she’s with Carrie and we’re all heartbroken.” Fisher revealed that Reynolds had said that she missed Carrie and wanted to be with her, “she left very shortly after that and those were the last words she spoke.” “She spoke to me this morning and said she missed Carrie. She said, ‘I want to be with Carrie’, and then she was gone.” As the news of Reynolds’ death broke, numerous people took to social media and wrote that “she died of a broken heart.” Fisher and Reynolds endured a somewhat fractious relationship. Carrie found it difficult growing up in the spotlight cast by Reynolds fame. Debbie was one of her generations biggest female stars and Carrie found it tough to live her early life on a movie set. Fisher spoke about her contrasting emotions in her 2008 memoir, “Wishful Drinking.” “When I was little I couldn’t believe my luck, this beautiful, funny, movie star was my mother.” “Walking down the street with her was like being in a parade. In public I had to share her. She belonged to everybody.” (Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) Fisher revealed that she struggled because she was rarely able to have “private time” with Reynolds. By the time that Fisher was making her own name in the movie business, as Princess Leia in Star Wars, she was already struggling with depression and addiction. Carrie Fisher went off the rails in a big way. Drug addiction, numerous love affairs and mental health issues all took their toll on a young star with a tendency to self-destruction. Reynolds relationship with Fisher was a difficult one, they didn’t speak to each other for over 10-years. Thankfully, Debbie and Carrie managed to repair their relationship and they became virtually inseparable in later years. Reynolds and Fisher represent the highs of two movie generations, both became icons of their age. Too see them die within a day of each other is heartbreaking for their family, friends and everyone who knew them, but if Debbie Reynolds last words are anything to go by, they wouldn’t have had it any other way. [Featured Image by DP/STAR MAX/IPx/AP]

'The Voice' Rumors: Jennifer Lopez Joining Season 13 As Adam Levine And Blake Shelton Quit?

The Voice has had a revolving cast of superstar coaches over the past 11 seasons, and rumors are now swirling that Jennifer Lopez could potentially be adding her name to that list and claiming her place in a revolving red chair. A new report by Hollywood Life is putting Lopez’s name in the mix as a potential new coach in 2017, claiming that Jennifer “would consider” heading to The Voice as a coach as rumors swirl about who could potentially be joining the series in the Fall. “Jennifer would be great on The Voice,” the site reported of Lopez, adding that after four years as a judge on American Idol, Jennifer “would be an amazing mentor or judge to the contestants” amid as yet unconfirmed rumors veteran coaches Blake Shelton and Adam Levine may be sitting out Season 13. The site also pointed out that Lopez already has serious connections to NBC, which has aired the popular singing show since it first debuted in 2010, noting that Jennifer’s popular cop drama Shades of Blue as well as her upcoming dance series World of Dance and the 2017 musical she’s set to star in, Bye Bye Birdie, are all NBC projects. [Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images] “[Lopez] would consider working on The Voice if asked since she has a wonderful relationship with NBC,” a source told the site amid the speculation over Jennifer’s potential new gig. “A role for Jennifer on The Voice wouldn’t be surprising at all.” However, if Jennifer does head to The Voice in 2017, it sounds like she may not stick around on the NBC series for too long as an insider told Hollywood Life that Lopez is actually anticipating the return of the show’s former rival series American Idol, which was canceled after 15 seasons earlier this year. “Jennifer anticipates that American Idol will return in a few years,” an insider revealed of Lopez’s hopes to head back to her judging chair at the long-running Fox talent search, revealing that Jennifer, who served as a judge on Seasons 10, 13, 14, and 15, “wants to be there for its return.” While Jennifer Lopez nor NBC have spoken out about rumors suggesting that Jennifer could soon be heading to The Voice, fans have been taking to social media ever since it was announced that American Idol would not be returning to screens in 2017 to throw Lopez’s name into the coaching mix for The Voice, urging Jennifer to take her talents to NBC. [Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images] “@JLo so being that American Idol is in its last season, does this mean you’ll come be a coach on The Voice? Please and Thank You!!” Twitter user @Spencer2671 asked Lopez back in January, while others suggested that Jennifer could even serve as a mentor on the series. “[It] would be so cool to have Jennifer Lopez as your assistant coach next season,” The Voice fan @MaryMechele told then coach Christina Aguilera in March. But while Jennifer and NBC are both staying tight-lipped regarding The Voice rumors, there has been a whole lot of speculation about exactly what the Season 13 coaching line-up will look like in Fall 2017 after the network announced earlier this year that Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys, and Gwen Stefani will be appearing on Season 12. NBC has also already confirmed that Miley Cyrus will be back on The Voice next year, sitting out Season 12 to make room for Gwen to return, though sources have been claiming that both Adam and Blake, who have appeared on every single season of the show so far, could potentially quit after Season 12. [Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images] Radar Online reported last month, weeks before Jennifer’s name was thrown into The Voice mix, that Levine and Shelton supposedly feel that their run as coaches is coming to an end, claiming that they could leave the show with Gwen and leave three empty seats to fill alongside Miley. “Both Adam and Blake feel that they have run their course as judges,” a source alleged of Levine and Shelton, meaning that Season 13 of The Voice could have a whole new coaching line-up amid rumors Lopez’s name is now in the mix while Christina Aguilera is also rumored to potentially be heading back to the series. Would you like to see Jennifer Lopez appear as a coach on The Voice? [Featured Image by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]

NFL Rumors 2017: LA Rams New Coach Odds Favor Jon Gruden And Josh McDaniels; Sean Payton Or Ron Rivera In Play Via Trade?

The NFL rumors surrounding who will become the new LA Rams coach this offseason is sparking a fire storm in terms of big names, but at this point who will end up in sunny Los Angeles as the new leader is anybody’s guess. All the big names have been thrown out there as possibilities, but it probably won’t be until after the Super Bowl until we know who will be the next Rams coach. The vogue picks at the moment are Jon Gruden and Josh McDaniels, but the list is much bigger than that. In fact, several gaming outlets are posting odds on who will be the next coach to take over the Rams, with Gruden leading the way. Jon Gruden rumors will only get stronger until someone is officially hired in LA. [Image by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images] The former Super Bowl winning coach made it sound like he was very interested in listening to what the Rams had to offer just a week or so ago, however, now the NY Post (Via ESPN Radio) reported a few days ago that Jon Gruden isn’t interested in the job, well “right now,” that is. “I love football. I’ve said that a million times, and I just want to say I’m very happy doing what I’m doing,” Gruden said. “There’s a lot of chips on the table. But right now, I have no intentions of coaching. I really enjoy what I’m doing and I feel like I’m really close to the fire. I’m getting plenty of satisfaction out of doing what I’m doing.” You can’t blame Gruden if he didn’t officially throw his hat into the ring. He has a great job and makes a ton of money doing Monday Night Football on ESPN. However, one thing that could change all of that is the desire to lead a team to a championship again. Certain coaches are wired that way, and Gruden seems to be one of them. He will be back on the sidelines one day, but where and when is anyone’s guess. If Gruden is an unrealistic choice, how about Josh McDaniels? McDaniels, the New England Patriots offensive coordinator, seems to be this year’s chic pick so far this season to be “that one coordinator” who will make the jump to a head coaching position. McDaniels has been highly successful at running offenses and he does have two years of head coaching experience with the Denver Broncos. McDaniels would inherit a young team in the Rams, but that might be just what could attract him to the job. If the Rams are still without a coach by Super Bowl Sunday, could they be working on trading for one? Before you think that could never happen, it already has. In fact, some of the best coaches in the game have been traded during their career. Bill Belichick was traded from the New York Jets to the New England Patriots back in 2000, and it is safe to say that may have been the best trade the Patriots ever made. Jon Gruden was also trade bait once. Gruden was dealt from the Oakland Raiders to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back in 2002. Gruden got the ultimate revenge when he led the Bucs over the Raiders in Super Bowl 37. Could the Rams be on the lookout for their new coach via a blockbuster trade? According to SB Nation, it could be possible. Sean Payton and Ron Rivera are two other names on the Rams wish list, however, they are both under contract, thus leaving the only option to get one of them is to work out a trade deal. Could Sean Payton of the New Orleans Saints be traded to the LA Rams? [Image by Grant Halverson/Getty Images] Payton is a native of California and he would get a chance to work with a young quarterback in Jared Goff. Payton’s specialty is running the offense and working directly with quarterbacks. He helped mold a young Drew Brees, he may be able to do the same with Goff. Rivera, on the other hand, has gone from last season’s toast of the town to that coach who doesn’t know his job anymore. That’s sports for you. It is crazy how quickly you can fall from the penthouse to the outhouse. While trading for Payton or Rivera seems like a long shot now, it may become more of a realistic possibility when the NFL Draft gets closer. Speaking of odds, Oddshark has prop bets on who will be the new LA Rams coach in 2017. Gruden may say he is not interested, but he is still the Vegas favorite – for now that is. Here is a look at the possible new Rams head coaches and their current odds. Jon Gruden +150 Josh McDaniels +400 Kyle Shanahan +600 Sean Payton +800 Jim Bob Cooter +1000 Todd Haley +1000 David Shaw +1800 Anthony Lynn +2500 [Featured Image by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images]

SNES Classic Edition Is Coming Soon, 5 Must Have Classic Games The Console Needs

With the success of the NES Classic Edition, it comes to no surprise that the guys over at Nintendo are planning to have an SNES classic edition next Christmas. Rumors are rife that Nintendo is planning to have an array of holiday nostalgia consoles until they reach an N64 classic edition. And while those are just speculation, to say the least, a new leak has hinted that an SNES Classic Edition is on its way and a lot of fans are really excited as to what the games are. The entire story about the possibility of the SNES Classic Edition has been leaked by WWG. It seems like Nintendo has already patented a new SNES controller which makes this news, along with the success of the NES Classic Edition, most likely true. Truth be told, the SNES Classic Edition could rival the NES in terms of classic and amazing games. According to a list by Paste Magazine, here are some of the must-have games that the new SNES mini must include in order for it to have the same success as the NES Classic Edition. Star Fox Uno de mis juegos mas queridos de la Snes , a pesar de que era pecimo jugandolo aun asi lo disfrutaba y mucho. #starfox #nintendo #16bits #supernintendo #superfamicom #snes #shooter #foxmccloud #chipsuperfx #3d #shootergame #videogames #videogame #gamer #game #geek #oldschool A photo posted by Pikari (@pikari.kohinata) on Dec 27, 2016 at 7:52pm PST This is the game that kicked off the whole Star Fox series. Having this in the SNES Classic Edition is definitely a must for the system. Star Fox’ smooth controls and an immersive 3d world was pretty groundbreaking at that time for a Nintendo Console. This game was voted as the best shooter of 1993 by then top gaming magazine, Electronic Gaming Monthly. Star Fox is one of the best rail shooters of all times and a lot of fans who grew up playing the SNES would definitely feel like a kid again once they take up to the skies. WWF Royal Rumble Nr. 119 in my Collection WWF Royal Rumble #wwfroyalrumble #royalrumble #wwf #ljn #snes #supernintendo #nintendo #retro #pixel #16bit #gamecollector #gamecollection #insertcoincl #nintendoworld #cib #ovp #nintendolife #games #videogames #retrogaming #retrogames #ninstagram #gamestagram #retrovideogames #retrovideogamecollector #retrovideogamecollection #retrocollection #vggpicoftheday #palversion #pal A photo posted by Matthias (@pixtro_) on Nov 25, 2016 at 3:45am PST This was the golden age of the WWE with superstars like Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart. Wrestling was at the highest peak at that time and games like WWF Royal Rumble are pioneers when it comes to Pro Wrestling Video Games. While a lot of WWE-licensed games are duds, this one is definitely a gem. Nearly all gamers will remember button mashing their controllers to death just so they could throw their brother or friend out of the ring. Those campy 90’s WWE games are certainly fond childhood memories for a lot of older gamers. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Shout out to @multivest_video_games in Miami for hooking me up with the #TurtlesInTime #TMNT #SNES #SuperNintendo #teenagemutantninjaturtles A photo posted by Steve (@gem_mint) on Dec 17, 2016 at 1:32pm PST Obliterating foot soldiers on the streets of New York City with a couple of buddies will always be a fond memory for SNES adopters. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in time sure was a good throwback to those days. This game is a must have for the SNES Classic Edition especially now that most “Turtles” games have failed to recapture the magic and sense of adventure of the earlier ones. The days of trash talking, couch co-op beat em up may be dwindling down, but hopefully, the SNES Classic edition may just send fans back in time. Super Mario World May have gone a little retro for entertainment this leave. Old school gaming ????. #nintendo #superNintendo #SNES #supermarioworld #oldschoolgaming #retroentertainment #childhoodmemories #gaming #instadaily #instapic #instaphoto #marioworld #mario #entertainment #notcordless #pixellated #yoshi #yoshisworld A photo posted by Rebecca Mary Phoenix (@rebeccamphoenix) on Dec 29, 2016 at 3:50am PST Super Mario World is considered by a lot of gamers as the best Mario game ever. It laid the foundation of what future Mario games will act, feel, and play like. In a sense, Super Mario World was the perfection of the vision that started out as a simple plumber jumping on bricks and saving the princess. Super Mario World is almost a shoo-in for the 30 games that will be included for the SNES Classic edition and deserves a lot of respect from true gamers. NBA Jam Playing #nbajam on the #sega #megadrive #genesis #studio #bristol #arcademachine #arcade #retrogames #16bit #retrogamers #retrocollective #memberberries A photo posted by Rice & Pixel (@riceandpixel) on Dec 28, 2016 at 6:29pm PST A lot of friendships in the 90’s has been destroyed by this game. Getting dunked on by the best bud from the three-point area while doing summersault flips is definitely a bitter pill to swallow. NBA Jam is an amazing throwback to basketball arcade that mixes humor with fast-paced basketball action. “Boom shakalaka” indeed. [Featured Image by LoooZaaa/iStock]

Carrie Fisher And Debbie Reynolds' Documentary 'Bright Lights' To Air On HBO

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds’ documentary film Bright Lights is set to air on HBO at a yet-to-be-announced date. The documentary film, which details the unique mother-and-daughter relationship between Fisher and Reynolds, was screened at the New York Film Festival in October and previously in Cannes. The unexpected deaths of Fisher and Reynolds in the last 48 hours came as a shock to the team who developed and produced the documentary. As previously reported by Mirror, the people behindBright Lights have been left “reeling from shock” after the news of their deaths broke. Watch Carrie Fisher speak candidly about her mother Debbie Reynolds in new documentary Bright Lights @TelegraphFilm — Catherine Moraitis (@katmor66) December 29, 2016 Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher has died on Tuesday at the age of 60 due to complications following a heart attack she suffered during a flight from New York to Los Angeles. Her mother, legendary actress and singer Debbie Reynolds, died the next day due to a massive stroke, which many suspect was brought on by her daughter’s death. Bright Lights: Starring Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher is a documentary film that provides footage and material detailing the special bond the mother and daughter developed over six decades under the glare of the Hollywood spotlight. “It’s a love story,” HBO Documentary Films president Sheila Nevins told Variety Wednesday night not long after Reynolds’ death was announced. “Carrie wanted to make Bright Lights for Debbie and Debbie wanted to make it for Carrie,” Nevins said. “If this was a Hollywood script, no one would believe it,” she added while trying to fight back tears. “They just loved each other so much. The bond was just unbreakable.” Most of the footage shown in the documentary was taken around a year ago, with shots showcasing the bond between mother and daughter, which is nothing short of unique given the singular circumstances of their relationship under Hollywood’s bright lights. Fisher has been pretty straightforward about her recent struggles with mental illness through most of the documentary. “It’s life with Carrie and Debbie. It’s about both of them trying to stand upright, both having their frailties — age on the one hand and mental illness on the other. It’s a love story about a mother and daughter — they happen to be Carrie and Debbie.” Debbie Reynolds and Debbie Fisher back in 1972.
[Image by Dove/Getty Images] Nevins said that one of Carrie Fisher’s main goals in the documentary is to document and highlight for the younger generation her mother’s contributions as an entertainer. Debbie Reynolds was best known for being the star of Tammy films and the musical Singin’ in the Rain, among many others. 8 Roles That Prove Debbie Reynolds Was Born to Be an Entertainer — Hassanhh472339@gmail (@Hassanhh4723391) December 29, 2016 “She wanted to preserve all of that for her mother,” Nevins said. Nevins became close friends with Fisher when the two met a few years ago while working together on the HBO adaptation of the Star Wars icon’s Broadway show Wishful Drinking. The HBO documentary chief last spoke to Fisher by phone last week. According to Nevins, Fisher had planned on flying from London to New York for the filming of Bright Lights but had later changed her mind and flew to Los Angeles instead to spend the holidays with her mother Reynolds and other family members. Nevins said that Fisher was in good spirits the last time she saw her in London in June. At the time, the actress was just finishing her latest memoir, “The Princess Diarist,” where she wrote about her experiences during the filming of the first three Star Wars movies. There had been some discussions about the possibility of turning the book into an HBO special, Nevins said. “Carrie wanted to be well even when her mind didn’t let her be well,” she added. “She was perfectly brilliant.” Bright Lights: Starring Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher has no official premiere date yet. Nevins said that HBO is mulling over the appropriate time to air the documentary on account of Fisher and Reynolds’ tragic deaths. [Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

Nintendo Switch Release Date Games: New 'Assassin's Creed' Game Set In Egypt To Be Released Alongside PS4 And Xbox Versions

The Nintendo Switch is expected to be available to consumers in early 2017, however, that hasn’t stopped many big and small names in the video games industry pledging support for the new console. Ubisoft, an early supporter of Nintendo’s previous home console, the Wii U, is also now expected to announce a brand new title in the Assassin’s Creed series for the Switch. The title, which will be set in Egypt, is expected to be released on Nintendo’s hybrid console alongside versions of the game on Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. According to Nintendo Life, Ubisoft is expected to drop all exclusivity plans with the release of an upcoming Assassin’s Creed game and instead make the title available on day one to players on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo’s new Switch console. The move will mark a huge shift from Ubisoft, who have previously made titles available exclusively on Sony’s platform from day one, or at the very least provided the PlayStation 4 with exclusive content in contrast to the other platforms. However, that’s all set to change. Rumour: Assassin’s Creed 2017 Is Apparently Coming To Nintendo Switch — My Nintendo News (@MyNintendoNews) December 28, 2016 Whilst there’s still no official confirmation from either Ubisoft or Sony as to whether the Assassin’s Creed game will be available on the Switch, Ubisoft does have a long history of supporting Nintendo consoles. Despite dwindling sales figures, Ubisoft continued to release games in their Assassin’s Creed series on the Wii U long into its lifespan. According to WCCF Tech, the speculation was backed up by Laura Kate Dale, who has cemented herself as a prominent name in Nintendo Switch speculation. Dale confirmed the news from her sources within Nintendo, saying “I’ve heard as much on AC release parity, Ubi want day one release. Good luck on your 12 days. Fingers crossed for you.” However, it’s important to remember that a new Assassin’s Creed for the Nintendo Switch is purely speculation until its confirmed by either Ubisoft or Nintendo. When could that confirmation come? According to VG247, Nintendo announced earlier this month that they’ll be revealing all about the Switch during a special event in January. The event, which will be live-streamed across the globe, takes place on January 13 and could allow Nintendo to announce support from publishers like Ubisoft. RELATED STORIES ON INQUISITR: Nintendo Switch Latest Updates: Three Hours Of Battery Life And Other Rumors Confirmed By Insider Nintendo Switch News: Two Games Confirmed On Release From THQ Nordic For New Console ‘Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’ Will Miss Nintendo Switch Release Date Because Of Development Delays When Nintendo officially unveiled the Switch a few months back, the company also released an exhaustive list of third party developers and publishers that would be supporting their console, including the likes of Ubisoft, EA, Activision and even publishers like Bethesda who have never supported Nintendo consoles in the past. A wealth of third-party support is clearly testament to Nintendo’s plan to handle the Switch very differently to the Wii U, which was crucially unsuccessful because of a lack of key third party support. Nintendo Switch Third-Party Developers Are Starting to Announce Games #gamedev #indiegame — BatStudio (@waynebat) December 11, 2016 Whilst Nintendo has already provided a glimpse of their new console and how it will work, the Japanese company is still holding back on many of the key details. However, the aforementioned January event is expected to give Nintendo the opportunity give a more detailed rundown of their new console and what it does. Beyond that, Nintendo is expected to make the Switch available to consumers in the second quarter of 2017, however, is yet to provide an update on the console’s development status. That being said, the Switch’s release date across the globe is expected to be announced alongside those other aforementioned key details during Nintendo’s January Switch event. [Featured Image by Nintendo]