Did Kylie Jenner Get Plastic Surgery? Slammed As 'Disgustingly Fake' Amid Butt & Boob Job Rumors

Kylie Jenner is once again sparking rumors that she had plastic surgery after flaunting her serious curves on social media. Fans have hit out at the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star by accusing her of having plastic surgery, calling Kylie “fake” after she took to Instagram to show off a snap of herself from behind to promote a line of jeans. According to Urban Islandz, Kylie once again sparked the plastic surgery speculation after posting the photo online, causing fans to accuse her of getting a butt job just days after Jenner sparked speculation that she had gotten a boob job with another photo uploaded to the social media site. “Your a** looks so disgustingly fake… lol,” Twitter user @MaryMetallic hit back at Jenner after she showed off the photo on social media, while others accused Kylie, who has constantly denied going under the knife, of having plastic surgery and getting implants in her chest and butt. [Image by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for New York Fashion Week: The Shows] “I really wish Kylie would stop with the butt implants (and have some of her lip fillers taken out?). She looks cartoonish now,” @HarryHatesLA wrote on the social media site where Kylie posted the controversial photo, while @shaerossi wrote in response to Jenner’s photo, “Just waiting for Kylie to come clean about her boob job and butt implants… but we all remember how long the lips took to own up to.” The latest plastic surgery accusations came just days after Kylie once again sparked the surgery speculation after posting a photo of herself wearing a skin-tight top that some social media users claimed was proof that Jenner had had a boob job. Fans flocked to Twitter to claim that Jenner was showing off the results of a boob job in the photo, once again accusing Jenner of having plastic surgery to alter her image. “Kylie Jenner definitely got a boob job,” @AngelicaPandaa claimed about 8the reality star amid the plastic surgery speculation, while @Korey_cwlg posted what they claimed to be a before and after shot of Jenner, accusing Kylie of getting both a butt and boob job. Lmao Kylie Jenner expects us to believe that she’s never gotten a boob job or butt implants…that first pic was only 3 years ago pic.twitter.com/UjHMqoJK41 — korey (@Korey_cwlg) December 22, 2016 “Lmao Kylie expects us to believe that she’s never gotten a boob job or butt implants… that first pic was only 3 years ago,” the Twitter user wrote amid the plastic surgery speculation. Notably, Jenner has repeatedly denied having plastic surgery in the past, claiming just this past October that her changing looks were actually down to her gaining weight and not going under the knife. E! News reported that Jenner denied the plastic surgery accusations during a Get Real With Kylie session on her app, in which Kylie claimed that she didn’t have such exaggerated curves before because she was “really skinny.” “No a** implants,” Jenner said during the interview. “You know, I used to be 120. I told everyone, ‘I’m like I’m 120,’” Kylie continued, revealing that she’s now closer to 136 pounds. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Marie Claire] Jenner then continued to deny the plastic surgery accusations, denying that she’d had any work done on her face as the boob and butt job rumors swirled. “No I didn’t. People started saying that rumor when I was 16,” Kylie hit back when asked about rumors she may also have altered her facial features. “You think Kris Jenner would really, at 16-years-old, let me cheek and jaw reconstructive surgery? Nah!” But while Jenner has denied getting plastic surgery in the past, some fans are now accusing Jenner of lying about her possible procedures, claiming that the youngest of the Kardashian siblings wasn’t exactly truthful about her lips after vigorously denying that she had altered her lips until Kylie eventually revealed that she had, in fact, had fillers injected. “I can’t believe Kylie Jenner when she says she didn’t get boob job/butt implants [because] she lied about her lips for so long,” @thafabsab wrote, and @DanieDeVito added, “Like Kylie definitely got a boob job and tried to say [it’s because] she gained 15 lbs. Like just own up to it!” Do you think Kylie Jenner has gotten plastic surgery despite her denials? [Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

New York City Postal Worker Stole Christmas Gift Cards To Purchase Adult Toys For Herself

A Brooklyn mail worker is alleged to have stolen several gift cards mailed out for the holiday season, while using one of them to purchase an item for her own private pleasure. The New York Post reports that Iesha Conley, a 48-year-old employee of the US Postal Service Brooklyn Processing and Distribution Center, was arrested Thursday on charges of theft and mail tampering. According to court documents, the matter came to light due to a female customer filing a complaint with the postal branch over an American Express gift card that they claimed never made it to a Long Island relative. Postal worker Iesha Conley ‘opened dozens of letters and stole gift card inside’ https://t.co/xlegKBhPEg via @MailOnline #Sad — EyeDo (@Illusively) December 23, 2016 After reaching out to the processing center, the complainant then called American Express, who were able to note all the purchases that were made on the gift card. Monitoring the list of transactions, the credit card company relayed to the woman that an individual had used the gift card to make three separate “adult toy” purchases from Groupon that totaled nearly the entire amount of the card, $100. As additionally specified in the complaint, Conley also used the stolen gift to pay off a cable bill at her residence, which uncovered her identity to law officials as well as her employees. Moreover, all purchases were made through the accused’s iPhone, which helped prosecutors to have yet another record of Conley’s supposed wrongdoing. While working earlier this month, surveillance cameras reputedly filmed Conley, “ripping open and removing the contents from dozens of greeting card envelopes,” before stuffing them inside of a “Got Jesus?” sweater she wore. She was released from her duties shortly thereafter. #Brooklyn U.S. Postal worker Iesha Conley, opened mail, stole gift cards to buy $100 in toys; she was arrested https://t.co/dTDKgrZOhf — Mae_Westside (@Mae_Westside) December 23, 2016 Following her first appearance in Brooklyn Criminal Court late Thursday, a bewildered Conley angrily responded to reporters who likened her to the infamous children’s anti-hero, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. “Are you kidding me,” she inquired. “It’s alleged!” Conley is alleged to have stolen items between September 5 and December 20 of this year. If found guilty, she faces upward to five years in jail. Conley is currently free on $15,000 bond. In related news, police in Tennessee have nabbed a teenager who they say stole Christmas presents from a family in Lakeland. Suspected Lakeland thief arrested for stealing Christmas packages https://t.co/pfhNYnGfse pic.twitter.com/DePHAPfu2S — WREG News Channel 3 (@3onyourside) December 24, 2016 WREG-Memphis says that Deandre Williams, 18, was caught on surveillance cameras snatching gifts off a porch on Maple Walk Drive and taking off with them in his car. The owner of the home, Casey Condo, remarked that he first learned of the situation once his wife notified him of several packages that somehow disappeared after being sent by family members and other loved ones. “My wife just said to me we’re missing some packages,” he stated to WREG. “We’ve had a lot of things delivered and we weren’t sure about it.” With help from his home security camera, Condo was able to see first-hand the robberies that befell him. After contacting and turning the imagery over to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, police set up a minor sting operation and witnessed the same vehicle that was seen in Condo’s drive at a nearby Wendy’s fast-food restaurant. They confronted the driver, who turned out to Williams, and arrested him on the spot for theft charges. Law enforcement officer Earl Farrell commended his fellow cops on their keen perception of the accused’s vehicle, while also mentioning that this was not the first burglary that Williams participated in. “They’re constantly tracking down leads and constantly have their eyes out looking for license plates,” he said. All that Williams supposedly stole was eventually returned to Condo, undamaged. Ironically, the father revealed that the gifts were not all his or his children’s. “To me, he’s not out there [anymore] stealing other Christmas presents from kids,” he expressed. [Featured Image by adempercem/iStock]

Google may soon bring 1 million Android apps to Windows

“As Android Police reports, a Reddit user with the handle “/u/TheWiseYoda” recently discovered evidence that Google Play could soon be headed to Chrome OS.The user posted a screengrab of the notification announcing the news (pictured left), which told users that they could choose from “over a million apps and games” now on Google Play to install on their Chromebook. The Chrome OS version under discussion is now under the Developer Channel.Bringing Google Play to Chrome OS would make life easier for users and developers. While the situation has been improving as time went on, the overall situation for Chrome OS adoption is looking rather grim.

Iowa State struggles early, falls to Virginia 84-71

This wasn’t the characteristic Cavalier anaconda act of slowly choking the fight out of an opponent, but more like a relentless rattlesnake striking repeatedly against the threat. “We have to be ready from the start”. AFP Graphic Design Whether you need a fresh business card design, rack card, ad, flyer or full magazine design, we can help with all your graphic-design needs.

Georges Niang, the biggest gun in fourth-seeded Iowa State’s arsenal of weapons, had to go to the bench after picking up his fourth foul with over 13 minutes to go contesting a Marial Shayok jumper. After defeating an IN team that beat Kentucky to get this far, North Carolina has to be considered as a favorite to win it all, at this moment. “So the fact we could hold our own defensively, and even when they scored, we knew had some things going on on the offensive end, so that’s why that pairing together was significant, and then the size was big, too”. “I’m not anxious about what everybody thinks”. The Cyclones fell behind by 17 points in the first half and never recovered.
The Cavaliers’ guards were just as efficient and playing at Iowa State’s zipper pace, to boot.
The opening bite from UVA’s offense left the Cyclones reeling and they never really found a consistent answer to the problem either.
Virginia finished the first half shooting 60 percent with 15 assists on 17 made field goals. Wilkins chipped in 12 to match Brogdon. More importantly, they churned the offense with 16 assists and combined with Brogdon to dish out 21 assists against 0 turnovers. They emerged from the break to make their first six shots and steadily take control behind senior forward Ellis, who made 10 of 17 from the field.
As for Iowa State, well, the competition for the Cyclones’ fan who had the worst trip to Chicago ended in the game’s final minutes, via Matt Thomas’ foot.
The gory details from the first half between Wisconsin and Notre Dame. Virginia got plenty of chances down low as a result of the passing that dissected Iowa State’s man and zone defenses.
Iowa State forward Georges Niang picked up two fouls in the first seven-plus minutes of the game, sending the Cyclones’ leading scorer to the bench.
His often-dominant, 30-point, right-rebound, four-assist night left him without many regrets. “It’s been something coach (Tony) Bennett has been drilling in our heads that we have to attack it. We can’t just let the game come to us”. Niang protested the call vehemently and Steve Prohm told reporters afterward he thought it may have been a clean block, though it seemed the Iowa State star may have gotten a piece of both the ball and Shayok’s elbow.
Still, the flurry in the middle portion of the game didn’t gain enough steam to cut the score to less than a three-possession margin. “All this happened. So much great came out of a such a decision – a small point in time when I made the decision to come here – and if I could rewind time, definitely like Coach Hoiberg said [I] would enjoy it [more]”. ISU finished its season after they lost 84-71 at the United Center in Chicago. The victor of that matchup plays the victor of the Gonzaga Bulldogs and Syracuse Orange on Sunday for the right to go to the Final Four. Tip-off time for the Sweet 16 is getting close.
Virginia’s style has often been criticized for being too slow, too defensive-oriented and too susceptible against a hot-shooting team in the NCAA tournament. We’re scratching and clawing and thankful for everything that comes our way, and you just show up and you keep knocking.
And now Virginia is just 40 minutes away from fulfilling the promise of a three-year run that has included two ACC championships and 80 wins but not much NCAA tournament success – until now.
“He said, ‘You know what your grandfather would tell you?’ He’d tell you, ‘Don’t tiptoe into this one”.

Clinton blasts GOP for inaction on Zika funding

“It is very important that students and the public-at-large learn how to prevent a possible Zika epidemic as this is the first virus known to be transmitted both ually and by mosquitoes”, said coordinator Walter Leal, a chemical ecologist and professor in the UC Davis Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology. The director general of health services (DGHS), health ministry officials said, has issued guidelines advising pregnant women to defer their travel to the affected countries.Where members of the workforce are pregnant, are actively trying to become pregnant or are the partners or spouses of women with the intention of conceiving, their employers should be intensifying efforts to keep them safe from zika transmission. “During a response to a public health concern like Zika virus, timely and accurate testing is of the utmost importance, and now our state public health laboratory can help provide that”.The CDC has reported 7 Zika infections in MA in the a year ago, while CT and Rhode Island have recently confirmed a case in each state.While isolated cases of the zika virus have already been detected in a number of nations globally, it has yet to take hold or spread to local mosquito populations of the American mainland.

Reports Channel Nine paid child recovery specialist $69000

The Channel Nine crew allegedly filmed the children being seized as they headed to school in southern Beirut on 6 April with a domestic worker and their paternal grandmother, who says she was knocked to the ground.Four Nine staff, including the journalist Tara Brown, are expected to land in Sydney on Thursday evening after spending two weeks in a Beirut prison over the incident, which ended only when Nine reportedly agreed to pay an unspecified sum to al-Amin.”My mum received a concussion and she had internal bleeding from three different hits, ” he said.Michael Brown said it was a risky operation, a risky story this desperate Australian mum trying to get her two children home, ‘ but said the crew was prepared for the difficulties.Australia’s Channel Nine television network has said its crew was not connected to the people who grabbed the children, Australian media reported.”Somehow we reached a deal”, he said.Ms Faulkner was involved in a custody battle with her ex-husband Ali Elamine over their children Laleh, 5, and Noah Elamine, 3.

Sailor Moon’s Second Opening, Ending Videos Without Credits Streamed – Hall Of Fame Magazine

Sailor Moon’s Second Opening, Ending Videos Without Credits Streamed

Sailor Moon’s opening and ending songs streamed in Official Sailor Moon YouTube Channel without credits posted last March 26 and 13 of 2016 respectively.

New adaptation of anime TV series, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal got its viewers hooked as it showcased different style in animation and storyline. Just like the older version of the anime, Sailor Moon fans followed the anime series and compare the two from its songs, episodes, storylines, costumes, productions and a lot more to mention.

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In line with this, the adaptation’s second opening and ending song were questioned because of their videos streamed online without credits. Known to the public, any videos produced by any company must have credits streaming after the main video was showed. Subsequently, the videos were broadcast in the Official Sailor Moon YouTube Channel and shared to social media platforms that gained popularity, since songs from a historical anime will get their views in a matter of time.

According to Anime News Network, the first four episodes of the anime TV series were performed by Etsuko Yakushimaru who sang New Moon Ni Ashite or Fall in Love with the New Moon. In the later, Mitsuko Aorie sang the same song in episode 5. On the other hand, the ending song Otome no Susume was performed by Chibiusa in the beginning of the fifth episode.

Furthermore, the Official Sailor Moon YouTube Channel streamed the said videos with credits posted in text as its descriptions but it did not appear in the actual videos. In addition, second opening got more than 800,000 viewers and 30,000 viewed the ending since they were publicized.

Still publicized, the videos were continuously receiving views from a number of fans from different countries. Management might have taken notice of the mistake by now but further reportsabout it were not yet broadcast.

Photo Source: Official Website (screen grab)|Sailor Moon

Sen. Schumer calling for federal funding to fight Zika

Nelson said the Zika virus had infected 800 Americans in 40 states and territories.There is no treatment or vaccine for the disease and scientists are concerned the virus will spread during the summer mosquito-breeding season.But more likely than the possibility of mosquitoes bringing Zika to MS, is the possibility of people bringing it to the state, Dobbs said. And with the Zika virus on everyone’s radar over the past few months, Debboun said they’ll be heading into neighborhoods to mount an education campaign once the high waters recede in order to keep the spread of the virus under wraps as much as possible. For the most part, the Zika virus causes those infected to suffer what is little more than flu-like symptoms, with only 20 percent of adults infected experiencing any symptoms at all. Again, this is especially important for women who are or may become pregnant, or men with ual partners who may become pregnant. They drown in them, said Dr. Mustapha Debboun, director of the Mosquito Control Division at Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services. The agency advises women who are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant to not travel to Zika-affected areas.

It’s a mini-ACC Tournament on 1 side of NCAA bracket

Since that loss Notre Dame has become the comeback kids of the NCAA Tournament. The 781 wins are the 10-most Division I wins all-time.

The underdogs stole the spotlight early in the tourney.
The No. 5 seed Hoosiers, after beating No. 12 seed Chattanooga in the first round and No. 4 seed Kentucky in the second, finished the year 27-8.
Paige couldn’t miss early, hitting four 3-pointers and a jumper before he finally missed.
The most intriguing roadblocks come Saturday in a pair of 1-2 matchups. North Carolina made 11 of 20 from 3-point range and carved through Indiana’s defense, scoring 1.4 points per possession.
“I did everything I could do in practices, but the trainers, the coaches, the doctors – they weren’t comfortable with the situation I was in”.
Much like in the jumbled alphabet soup of boxing organizations, there are quite a few heavyweight contenders left on Sunday.
The Tar Heels and Fighting Irish play Sunday in the East Regional final in Philadelphia, with the Cavaliers and Orange facing off in the Midwest final in Chicago.
Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell, who joined the long line of successful Hoosier point guards, had his career come to an end Friday night when the fifth-seeded Hoosiers were swamped 101-86 by top-seeded North Carolina in the semifinals of the East Regional. “And so when you’ve got a team like that that’s got the depth, the consistency that they have, and then obviously we’re playing without another starter in Rob tonight which hurt our depth in the backcourt and hurt our depth defensively certainly, it was just too much for us to overcome tonight”. But before Carolina can get to the game Williams has been planning for all season, he has to survive another storm of real rivals.
In two games against Notre Dame this year – despite the slump that permeated most of Paige’s regular-season play – Paige scored 37 points and shot 9-for-15 from beyond the arc. This is, after all, March Madness 2016, where anything can and has happened.
Carolina rolled on Friday night, a monster of basketball team having a great season.
Because the combination of the three words – North, Carolina and defense – are suddenly not so oxymoronic. Of course, we expected that of North Carolina.
– 2009; Connecticut, Louisville, North Carolina, Pittsburgh. The Tar Heels set a season high in makes (26) and were one shy in attempts (33).
The Hoosiers never seemed to be able to make a run in the second half and it was only a matter of time before North Carolina flexed its muscle and opened up a 20-point lead. Villanova is shooting almost 60 percent from the field in the tournament. North Carolina coach Roy Williams banged his leg during the news conference on Friday night.
OR might be the No. 1 seed most susceptible to a loss, though both the Ducks and the Sooners rely on deep, balanced rosters of athletic players surrounding an elite scorer: Oklahoma’s Buddy Hield and Oregon’s Dillon Brooks. “So when we shoot like that, it kind of changes other team’s defense, because they can’t do what they would normally do”. OU is after its first Final Four trip since 2002.
“I said, ‘Hey, this is pretty fun, this is pretty easy, get to the Final Four in your first crack at it. I think I might like to do this”, Tony Bennett said.
The top-seeded Tar Heels (31-6) will meet sixth-seeded Notre Dame on Sunday, determining one of two guaranteed Atlantic Coast Conference spots in the Final Four. As head coach and player embraced one last time in front of television cameras, the in fans who made the trek to the Wells Fargo Center serenaded their star.

Donald Trump Campaign Predicts 1400 Delegates, First-Round Ballot Win

Mr Donald J Trump wrested back control of the Republican presidential race yesterday with a commanding victory in the NY primary, while Mrs Hillary Clinton dealt a severe blow to Senator Bernie Sanders with an unexpectedly strong win that led her to declare that the Democratic nomination was “in sight”.The businessman’s win in his home state keeps him on a path to securing the 1,237 delegates he needs, though he’ll have to perform well in the round of primaries in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island and DE on Tuesday and in California’s huge contest on June 7.His chief rival, Texas Sen. Trump’s winning big in Pennsylvania.In fact, Short said Manafort’s Florida briefing sounded like an attempt to mend fences with party insiders that Trump has been trashing on the campaign trail.