Reading Makes You ier To Potential Partners, And These Are The iest Genres [Study]

Reading makes you ier, according to a new study from the U.K.-based matchmaking service MyBae. While it has been commonly accepted for years that reading makes you smarter, the company tested its users to see what it did in the looks department and found out that it increases one’s appeal with potential partners and that there are a few genres of book that perform the best in the department. After analyzing some in-house statistics, Daniel Sobey-Harker writes, it “seems that people that used reading related tags had more success overall than any other tag type.” Sobey-Harker starts by drawing a distinction between related tags and unrelated tags. In the context of matching candidates, related tags occurred when applicants used the same exact tag when setting up a profile. Unrelated tags were the ones that candidates didn’t share at all, but there were also partial match tags in which someone might use #Reading while the other used #Books. “Out of all our matches 21 percent… had related reading tags in common,” Sobey-Harker explained, commenting that the number was “much stronger than the average of 15 percent for all other… similar matches with music, films, or TV.” He continued. “… looking at matches between people who don’t have tags in common shows an interesting result. It shows that 11 percent of people will try to match with someone who uses tags that show that they’re an avid reader. This compares to the next highest tag, music, in which only 7 percent of people who don’t have anything in common still match.” In other words, candidates place a lot of importance when it comes to finding a specific partner on the simple action of reading and one’s affinity for books. That is not to say that matches have to share the same types of reading material. However, there were some specific genres, which resonated more than others especially when it came to appeal. To determine the iest genres, Sobey-Harker analyzed the tags for most matches as well as the tags for least. His findings — the three “iest” reading genres were, from No. 1 to No. 3 — romance, psychological thriller, and travel. People who use reading related tags are more attractive #author #romancereaders — Moon & Stars Press (@moon_starspress) June 16, 2016 The six most popular reading-related tags in the MyBae survey included #Reading (No. 7), #Books (No. 9), #GameOfThronesBooks (No. 16), #Fiction (No. 17), #Fantasy/Sci-Fi Books (No. 21), and #Non-Fiction (No. 24). Reading makes you tend to be less creepy as well, according to the findings, with users that have reading-related tags turning up in only four incident reports. Sports, drinking, and gaming tags were among the most-reported (not good). There are some other interested tag-related findings that show what reading makes you do or what type of person it makes you like at the link above. You should check it out if literature and relationships go hand-in-hand. As of Thursday (June 16), the findings had found their way onto the first page of reddit with close to 1,000 comments, indicating a lot of proud book lovers. So for those of you keeping score — and those of you who just love to type terms into Google to see what comes up — here is what all reading makes of you now. It makes you smarter, dizzier, and sleepy. It also makes you “feel good” and allows your mind to “bloom,” or, guessing here, learn who you are as a person. But what do you think about , readers? Did you ever think reading makes a person more attractive, and if so, is it reading in general? Or does the specific content of what that person is reading play a role? And what genres do you find the “iest”? Sound off in the comments section below! [Image via Flickr Creative Commons / Food for Thought Books]

Doll Relationships Becoming Mainstream? A Fascinating Glimpse [REPORT]

The Daily Mail recently profiled an Australian man living with a doll, and his insight into the relationship is fascinating. 61 Year Old Man Fall Love With His Rubber Doll Girlfriend, Takes Her Shopping (Photos) — Every Nigeria (@EveryNigeria) July 1, 2016 First, a bit of context. dolls have been around for a long time, and men using them as props to achieve ual release has become almost commonplace, at least as far as masturbatory methods go, in society. Some people, however, choose to take the relationships they have with their dolls far beyond ual pleasure to the point where the doll’s presence replaces that of a living girlfriend or even wife. Such people, who are almost always middle-aged or older males, have traditionally been stigmatized by the outside world and labeled by the media as “creeps” or “losers.” But in recent years, report sources such as The Debrief, dolls have become more mainstream as doll manufacturing technologies have enabled companies to put together a much more realistic-looking product, with currently-in-development AI technologies promising to give them even more of a human-like feel. @rodimusprime @SayDatAgain #TBGWT Ep1232 I'm pretty sure that Japanese man saw the movie "Lars And The Real Girl" ???? — NerdGeekNinja (@Nerd_Geek_Ninja) June 28, 2016 “Could it be that the gross out factor such dolls once garnered has been replaced with curiosity?” asks the article, hinting that living with a doll is still bound to attract interest but will no longer cast someone as crazy. The fact that the Australian man, named Murray, was willing to be so open with the international press about his doll relationship and that The Daily Mail, one of the most-read publications on the internet, was happy to feature the story are both evidence of how the doll owners are becoming more normalized and comfortable with their unorthodox mates. Murray does indeed love his doll, who he has named Noni. “No one will love her as I do,” he said in a video interview piece with ABC. “If I come home from shopping, she’s here, in the house. Thank God, the house isn’t empty! It’s not empty. It doesn’t even feel silent,” Murray explains. “You talk to them. You’re talking through your issues, your life, your highs, your lows, your joys, our sadnesses, whatever. And it just helps.” Murray sees the doll just as much as a partner to accompany him on the rocky passage through life as many people might with an organic girlfriend. And also similarly to how most long-term human couples operate, Murray and Noni did not begin to have immediately. “It took me over a year to learn how to handle and manage dolls. How to make love to dolls,” Murray revealed. That is not to say the is bad. Murray stresses that with the doll is far more than he could ever experience when with a natural woman. “Once you’ve gotten over that massive learning curve, suddenly they take you into realms that you didn’t even know existed. A doll can do many things a real woman cannot do.” “There is an emotional connection that cannot easily be explained… In those moments, as with humans… you have become one,” Murray finishes, struggling to find the right words to flesh out his meaning. Murray admits that, although he is truly happy with his doll, it is not totally ideal to have a love interest who cannot reciprocate an affections. However, he says, the real thing is “not always available.” “If one had a complete choice,” he notes, “you would rather have a real woman. But that’s not always available to people.” Japanese Real Love Doll Silicone Doll – Mayumi 125cm — Africarunwaymagazine (@africarunway) July 1, 2016 The reporter in the ABC segment observes that Murray is a loner, and it seems from Murray’s last quote that he himself would be the first to admit he has not been the most successful with the ladies. In fact, he says in the interview, he has been divorced three times. Accordingly, he has decided to manufacture his own romance-inspired happiness on his own terms by buying a doll. He is not hurting society in any way — in fact, he looks from the seven minute-long segment to be a pretty nice guy. So why should others judge him? Here’s a word of advice to society: stop the doll stigma! It doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. Many technology news sources report that full-fledged relationships with dolls (or maybe a more appropriate term is “love dolls”) will become exponentially more common as robotics and more advanced computing allows them to “think” and act for themselves. [Photo by Taro Karibe/Getty Images]

A Couple Was Married For 74 Years, Until They Died On The Same Day

A Texas couple who had been married for 74 years both died on the same day, CNN is reporting. Leonard and Hazel Cherry tied the knot back in 1942. Leonard was 21, Hazel was 19. The couple’s marriage survived five wars, 13 presidents, the addition of two states to the Union, and even the last Chicago Cubs’ World Series appearance, which took place three years into their marriage. Check out my FIRST article for @CNN #CNN — Ebony Short (@love_journalism) November 2, 2016 What their marriage didn’t survive, however, was heartbreak: by all accounts Hazel was in good health, up until the time Leonard went into hospice care, says son David Cherry, 72. “Mother had been driving around town and still going to the grocery store as recently as two weeks ago, but Dad’s health had been failing for some years.” Just over a week ago, Leonard went into hospice care after years of failing health, moving into a Waco nursing home. That very same day, Hazel, who was in good health but unable to live alone, moved into a nursing home next door. Just days later, Leonard’s failing health caught up to him; he died at 1:00 pm on Thursday. Just ten hours later, at 11 pm, Hazel joined her husband in death. “I feel blessed that Daddy’s suffering is over, and I feel blessed that Mom is with him and that she didn’t have to live alone. It’s kind of hard you know, you can’t pick up the phone and call them anymore, or call mother and can’t go by and see Dad. But they are with Jesus now.” The two were high school sweethearts were married at the beginning of World War II, where Leonard served as a B-24 bomber pilot, according to KWXT-TV (Waco). After the war, Leonard got a job as an auto body mechanic, then later opened up his own auto repair shop, which he and Hazel managed until they sold the business in 1980. “The more I began to think about it, I began to smile because of how much they loved each other. There’s no question in my mind my grandmother was waiting for him in heaven with open arms.” The couple’s grandson, Craig Cherry, said the couple were always smiling and always “deeply in love.” The Cherrys are not the first couple to die on the same day after a decades-long marriage; in fact, it seems to happen with some regularity. Back in 2013, CNN reported on the story of Ohio couple Harold and Ruth Knapke, who died on the same day after 66 years of marriage. Wedding of Ohio couple Harold and Ruth Knapke. They were married for 65 years and died just 11 hours apart. — Historical Couples (@CouplesInHistor) January 22, 2014 Like the Cherrys, the Knapkes were sweethearts during World War II. Though they had spent a few years growing up together during elementary school – Margaret would tell her children that she had a crush on their father in third grade – their relationship blossomed while Harold was serving in Germany. They married and started a family after Harold returned from the war. 66 years after tying the knot, Ruth’s health began to falter, while Harold remained in reasonably good health in his later years. However, once Ruth contracted a fatal infection, Harold’s health quickly deteriorated. Three days later, he died, at 7:30 am on August 11. Eleven hours later, at 6:30 pm, Ruth died, according to the couple’s daughter, Margaret Knapke. “It’s consoling to us that they went together. On one hand it’s difficult to lose both parents at once when you didn’t see it coming… but it’s very consoling that they got to go together.” Back in Texas, a memorial service for Leonard and Hazel Cherry is scheduled for Friday. [Featured Image by Ruslan Guzov/Shutterstock]