Selfie Related Deaths Are Doubling Each year? Selfies Are Now More Deadly Than Sharks

Selfie related deaths are on the rise. So far in 2016, more than 30 people have died worldwide taking pictures of themselves with cell phones. Most of these deaths involve falls, motor vehicle accidents, electricity, and drowning. A few have been shot clowning around with guns as well. Selfies are more deadly than sharks, and the risk coming from the desire to show off by posting a great selfie is far worse than any dangers from toothy ocean monsters. Sharks are responsible for less than five human deaths per year, according to Oceana. Comparatively, at least 30 people were killed worldwide taking selfies in 2015. That was twice as many as the year before in 2014. In the first half of 2016, another 30 have died taking selfies according to Wikipedia. The comparison is striking and so is the increase. Selfie related deaths involving falls are often the most spectacularly devastating because people love to take selfies from high vantage points. Kim Jongyeob, a South Korean tourist, plummeted off a cliff at the Gocta waterfall in Peru, falling more than 1,600 feet to his death according to Wikipedia. German Tourist Oliver Park, fell from a ledge while visiting Machu Picchu, falling 130 feet according to the Rolling Stone. He was reportedly leaping into the air trying to appear as if he were flying. One reason selfies are more deadly than sharks is the tendency of humans to be creative. For example, one 17-year-old Russian girl managed to electrocute herself while balancing on a cable 28 feet off the ground, and high above the city. She died but the picture was incredible according to Likes. Similarly, a 21-year old man died of electrocution in Spain after climbing on top of a moving train. Selfie related deaths often include firearms. Oscar Otero Aguilar, a Mexican gun enthusiast died trying to take a photo of himself with a gun in 2014. Surprisingly, this firearms expert forgot his training and shot himself in the head. Anyone familiar with guns knows better than to aim a gun at themselves or others, but it was for a selfie to put on Facebook so he broke the number one rule of handling firearms. Oscar isn’t the only one. Firearms related selfies are common now, and usually, involve someone pointing a gun to their own head. Selfie [Image by Dudarev Mikhail/Shutterstock]Perhaps selfies are more deadly than sharks because sharks don’t drive. Many selfie related deaths involve cars. Taking Karaoke in the car type selfies is just dangerous because that puts everyone in the car at risk. The same is true for drivers shooting photos or videos while driving. Selfies are more deadly than sharks because sharks usually attack one person at a time. Selfies can kill numerous people at once. So far selfies have taken seven victims at once as the presumed record. Selfie related deaths can occur in numbers, even if the victims are not in cars. A Polish couple vacationing in Portugal were attempting to take a photo on the edge of a cliff and fell to their deaths together according to Likes. Just this month a group of students in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, India were taking selfies in the water but got caught up in a vortex. Most were saved but two drowned. Another couple from India were swept away by a giant wave while taking a selfie. Likewise, seven people drowned in the Ganges river in June of this year because one boy fell in while taking a selfie. The rest jumped in to save him. All drowned. Dangerous selfies {Image by Fade in Photography/Shutterstock] The rise of Selfie related deaths is alarming, while shark related deaths worldwide remain constant. Death by selfie is a growing trend. Not only is the one taking a selfie at risk, but those around them can also be put in peril. Everyone knows the rules of staying safe but selfies for some reason have proven to be an excuse to break those rules. People know not to point a gun at their heads, jump up and down on a tiny ledge or take their eyes off the road, yet the desire for a great selfie seems to override common sense. Selfies are more deadly than sharks because selfie related deaths come from the powerful human desire to take risks in order to be noticed. [Image by Tsuneomp/Shutterstock]

UFO Hunter: NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover Photographs Ancient 'Alien Hand' Petrified By Deadly Energy Beam Weapon [Photo]

An alien hunter claims to have spotted an ancient alien hand with an extended “pinkie” in a photo of the Martian surface snapped by NASA’s Curiosity rover. The structure of the alleged alien hand, according to the alien hunter, indicates that ancient Martians were humanoid creatures remarkably similar to humans on Earth. According to UFO hunter Scott C. Waring, in a September 29, 2016 post to his weird but popular UFO Sightings Daily blog, a Curiosity Rover image taken on Sol 1473 (September 28, according to Waring) by Navcam: Right B (Nav_Right_B) on board NASA’s Curiosity rover (see below) shows what could be a sculpted alien hand or a petrified hand with an extended small finger. “Here you can see a hand, either a sculpted hand or an actual petrified hand that has an extended smaller finger on it.” Curiosity rover photo shows a petrified ancient alien hand on Mars with an extended little finger, according to alien hunter [Image by NASA’s Curiosity rover/UFO Sightings Daily] The petrification of the alleged alien hand, Waring speculates, was accomplished using an advanced alien beam weapon that “freezes” the victim. This is not the first time that Waring has speculated that an advanced alien weapon that petrifies the victim may have been used in an ancient war that wiped out ancient humanoid Mars civilization. While commenting last week on a report by UFO hunter Streetcap1 that a crashed alien flying saucer UFO had been spotted on top of a hill on the Martian surface (see YouTube below), Waring claimed to have also spotted an alien figure kneeling “as if praying” near the alleged crashed flying saucer, The Inquisitr reported. Waring speculated at the time that the kneeling “male figure” could be a statue but he also suggested it could be an alien “frozen in time…. petrified by some monstrous weapon.” In his latest update, Waring develops further on his initial thoughts on the arcane subject of alien weaponry, one of the various areas of his specialization in the field of alien and UFO studies. “Understand that we really don’t know the results of alien weapons,” the UFO blogger writes. “We all assume it is a beam weapon like we see in the movies that kills a person. But what if the weapon was more sinister — a petrifying weapon for instance; a weapon that changes flesh into stone? Here is more evidence of such a weapon.” “Yes sir, Mr Scott, inconceivable weapons systems that’ll have DARPA engineers wet their pants from envy and curiosity!” Alien glove or petrified alien hand on Mars? [Image by NASA’s Curiosity rover/UFO Sightings Daily] Waring explains further that the hand provides evidence of the alleged biological kinship between humans and ancient Mars humanoids believed to have been wiped out in a nuclear holocaust by hostile alien visitors to Mars millions of years ago. The hostile alien visitors, according to alien hunters, detonated multiple thermonuclear devices that devastated the Martian environment and wiped out life on the planet. But now we learn from Waring that the war-like alien attackers may have also been armed with a special deadly weapon that “petrifies” the victim. Many alien hunters believe that a remnant of ancient humanoid Martians that survived the alleged nuclear holocaust escaped in a fleet of UFOs. They reached and colonized Earth. Modern humans are descendants of the ancient Martian settlers, according to alien hunters. “Many of my readers tell me that we are from Mars, the last remnants of an ancient culture that was 99% wiped out by disaster or war,” the UFO blogger writes. “That seems more likely than life just springing up here on Earth as Darwin mistakenly decided.” The theory that ancient Mars civilization was wiped out by hostile ET visitors who detonated powerful thermonuclear devices was proposed originally by Dr John Brandenburg, a theoretical plasma physicist and expert in propulsion technologies who obtained his PhD from the University of California at Davis. In a paper presented to a scientific audience in March 2015 at the 46th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston, Texas, Brandenburg argued that the distribution of radioactive substances — uranium, thorium and radioactive potassium — on Mars is remarkably similar to what is observed after nuclear bomb tests on Earth. Presence of radioactive substances on Mars suggests that the planet was the site of thermonuclear device explosions in the past, U.S. physicist claims [Image by NikoMad/Shutterstock] According to Brandenburg, isotopes detected in the Martian atmosphere and a layer of radioactive substances on the Martian surface constitute indisputable thermonuclear “weapons signature.” He warned his audience that evidence that a nuclear attack against a thriving civilization occurred on Mars in the past should cause concern because it suggests the presence of yet unknown technologically advanced extraterrestrial species that could launch similar attacks on Earth in the future. Brandenburg had also presented his theory earlier in 2014 at the Annual Fall Meeting of the American Physical Society Prairie Section in Monmouth, Illinois. According to Brandenburg, in a paper titled “Evidence of Massive Thermonuclear Explosions in Mars Past: The Cydonian Hypothesis and Fermi’s Paradox,” the red color of the Martian surface suggests a nuclear device explosion that scattered radio-isotopes within the Martian environment. This leads to the conclusion that the planet was the site of a nuclear holocaust in the past. He claimed that analysis of data obtained by NASA spacecraft using gamma ray spectrometry indicates that two powerful nuclear devices detonated by technological aliens wiped out life on Mars. He warned that Earth could also be under the same threat. [Featured Image by Vadim Sadovski/Shutterstock]

Antonio Perkins: Chicago Man Unwittingly Broadcasts His Own Death Live On Facebook [Video]

(Warning: Video contains graphic images and expletives which may be upsetting to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.) Antonio Perkins, a 28-year-old man from Chicago, inadvertently broadcast is own death live on Facebook. Perkins was out for an evening stroll with his friends in a quiet suburb in Chicago, simultaneously live streaming his conversations on Facebook, when suddenly gunshots were fired. Before one could even begin to realize what actually transpired, Perkins, who can be seen in the first few frames of the video, falls to the ground abruptly while his friends can be heard screaming in the background. “Oh my god,” his friends shout, before the tragic realization dawns on one of them. “Tony is dead!” Perkins, or Tony, as he was called by his friends and close relatives, was taken to the hospital where he was soon pronounced dead, confirmed The New York Times. (Image via Joyce Mosley/Facebook) Chicago Police said the shooting of Antonio Perkins is under investigation. The disturbing video has gone on to be shared widely on Facebook and other social networking sites, and while several people have complained that Facebook should take it down because of its upsetting content, the social media giant has, not unlike in some previous cases, decided to keep the video online with the following disclaimer. “Videos that contain graphic content can shock, offend and upset. Are you sure you want to see this?” If you wish to view the entire video, you can do so by clicking here. One of the thrills of live broadcasting is its unpredictable nature, but while previously channels and broadcasters usually had time to live edit a video to avoid grisly content from becoming available to the general public, the advent of live broadcasting on social media sites like Facebook and Periscope has meant that there are no moderators to filter the content anymore. As a result, even in its brief history, social media has unwittingly contributed to a frenetic dissemination of disturbing visual content, including images and videos, without any sort of regulation. Moreover, the relatively new, and still flimsy, legal framework surrounding the distribution of such content has meant that neither social media sites, nor the people uploading such content, are liable for any distress it may cause. This is another reason that violence in the public sphere has become so normalized in the world of internet, even as we attempt to devise new ways to get rid of it. A 28-year old Chicago man live streaming on Facebook was shot dead during his broadcast. — CNNMoney (@CNNMoney) June 17, 2016 Just last month, another Chicago man inadvertently recorded his death on camera on a city street in broad daylight and broadcast it live to viewers. In April, in an even more disturbing case, an 18-year-old teenager was accused of live streaming her friend’s rape live on Periscope. She faces a litany of charges against her, but the teenager later told the police that she was “filming in order to preserve, not to embarrass or to shame or to titillate anybody.” Even so, the rampant growth of such unregulated and disturbing content online must be a cause of concern not only for the authorities, but for the social media giants themselves. The visual evidence of the death of Antonio Perkins, as much as it may be helpful to the investigators, is certainly not meant to be seen by unsuspecting friends of the victim who might forever be haunted by the manner of his death. [Image via Joyce Mosley/Facebook]

Did Blind Psychic Predict Donald Trump Assassination? Baba Vanga's Chillingly Accurate Predictions Sparks Conspiracy Theorists Attention

When it comes to psychics, many people are very skeptical. For one psychic, however, her predictions are chillingly accurate. Did Baba Vanga predict Donald Trump’s assassination? Baba Vanga was a mystical Bulgarian clairvoyant. Not only was she psychic, but she was a blind psychic. Although Baba passed away at the age of 85 in 1996, she left us with amazingly accurate predictions. One that causes worry about President-elect Donald Trump’s future as the 45th United States President is that Baba predicted President Obama to be our “last U.S. president.” Donald Trump Death Predicted By Baba Vanga, Blind Psychic Who Predicted 911? – — SuperLuigiMario (@YTMario55901) November 22, 2016 Further, she predicted that the 45th president will not be able to serve as the new president due to an “economic crisis,” meaning President Obama will stay in his presidential office in attempt to fix the economic crisis. “Everyone will put their hopes in him to end it, but the opposite will happen; he will bring the country down and conflicts between north and south states will escalate.” Could this potentially mean Donald Trump will be assassinated before his inauguration on January 20, 2017? Or perhaps maybe Baba’s prediction could simply be one of the last predictions she could make prior to her death. Is our country soon to see an economic crisis within the next couple months that will stop President-elect Trump from taking office? Although we can only guess what her prediction means, let me share with you some of Baba Vanga’s previously accurate predictions. According to Hiduth, Baba predicted that the 44th President of the United States would be black. She was right there, as President Obama was the first black President of the U.S. [Image by Martinez Monsivais/AP Images] Another strikingly accurate prediction made by Baba Vaga is the 9/11 terrorist attack. She saw the fall of the Twin Towers. Do you remember the tsunami in Thailand back in 2004? According to National Geographic, it could potentially have been the deadliest tsunami in the history. Baba Vaga accurately predicted the Thai tsunami. “A big wave will cover a large coast with people and villages where everything disappears under water.” The tsunami was so strong that it wiped out basically everything in its path. Ano News reveals that Baba also predicted a “great Islamic war,” which will start in Syria. There is no doubt that this prediction isn’t coming true. Further, she stated that Islam’s will have complete control of Rome by 2043. According to Baba Vanga, she accurately predicted the date that the Bulgarian King died, Tsar Boris III. Baba also predicted the date that Joseph Stalin died, the Soviet Union leader. We can’t forget the war in Nicaragua, which took place in 1979. Also, the nuclear disaster in Ukraine. Both were previously predicted by the famous mystic, Baba Vanga. Most recently of her predictions, Baba Vanga predicted the Muslim invasion in Europe in 2016. As far as future predictions go, Baba Vanga has some more believable predictions, as well as some that are likely considered “far fetched” by many skeptics. Earth will experience a major orbital change in 2023. The war will cause the population to disappear in Europe by 2025. The poles will melt, causing the water levels to rise in 2033. By 2130, extraterrestrial civilization may reach the Earth. We will experience a global drought in 2170. In 2480, two artificial suns will collide, leaving Earth in total darkness. The trajectory of Mars will change due to a war on the planet in 3005. By 3797, the Earth will die, but we will be advanced enough to move to a different solar system. By 5079, Baba Vanga predicts the universe will come to an end. [Image by Mark Lennihan/AP Images] Let’s return our attention to Baba Vanga’s prediction in regards to the 45th United States President. What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe that Baba Vanga’s prediction will come true and President Obama will stay in office in attempt to fix a sudden economic crisis? Do you think President-elect Donald Trump could potentially be assassinated prior to him being sworn in as the U.S. President? If you haven’t heard already, Russia did warn President-elect Donald Trump that there may be a plan of assassination against him. According to Heatstreat, Russian news anchor, Dmitri Kiselyov, warns Donald Trump of a potential assassination. “Trump leading in the Presidential race, his ability to state things as they are, and his intention to start a new page in the extremely tense relationship with Russia — puts him in a very risky position. He is likely to be simply killed.” With Baba Vanga’s record of chillingly accurate predictions, could President-elect Donald Trump be in danger? Only time will tell. [Featured Image by Mark Lennihan/AP Images]

VHS Tape's Last Stand: The End Of VCRs Has Come

The tape has finally run out, so to speak. NPR reports that one of the last VCR manufacturers on the planet will be shutting down within the next month. Their time has come: VCR players will soon no longer be manufactured anywhere. [Image by looseid | Flickr | Cropped and Resized | CC BY-ND 2.0]After going through several iterations in the late 1960s and early 1970s, home video developers settled on the VHS format as a standard by the end of the decade. The EVR Teleplay, an obscure, foreign precursor to the VHS standardized VCR. [Photo by Central Press/Getty Images]A display of various old home video technology at the Denmark Technical Museum. [Photo by Marcin Wichary | Flickr | Cropped and Resized | CC BY 2.0]VCRs, the devices that could play VHS tapes, quickly became one of the best-selling consumer electronics items of the 1980s. In conjunction with this trend, the late 1980s saw a boom in video rental stores, allowing the individual consumer to watch both the latest major studio releases and unique small-budget films at home. This was the first time in the history of motion pictures that such widespread access had been available. Betamax, an early competitor to the VHS system that lost out by the mid-1980s. [Photo scan by Nesster | Flickr | Cropped and Resized | CC BY 2.0]The VCR went down in price by the 1990s, and became ubiquitous. Soon, it seemed everyone had one. A vintage VHS tape. [Image by Artem Svetlov | Wikimedia Commons | Cropped and Resized | CC BY 2.0]It was not to last for long. By the end of the 1990s, the new DVD format was catching on rapidly. The advantage was clear: DVD offered better picture and sound, and with less of a chance of degradation that was built in to the plastic-tape-based VHS. Many VCRs were dropped from electronics stores in the early 2000s, with the last major studio title being released on VHS in late 2005. Here we are now, over a decade later, and the format appears to be finally breathing its true last breath. It raises two questions: how did it last for so long, and is there any future for the obsolete format? The answer to the first question is simple: VHS and VCRs died in the United States, but continued in overseas markets. BBC says Funai Electric, the final remaining VCR manufacturer, has been making VCRs for the Chinese market the past few years. The answer to the second question is not so simple. Whether VHS becomes a museum piece, a fond memory, simply a thought of “good riddance,” or something more depends very much on personal taste. For most viewers, they will be happy to leave their VCRs in the past and enjoy their Blu-Ray collection, or the vast options of streaming Video On Demand services. Could VHS make a comeback, like vinyl records of music has in recent years? One expert thinks not. Tania Loeffler, an analyst at IHS Technology, spoke with the BBC. “I don’t see VCR becoming like vinyl, where a lot of people appreciated the warmness of how something sounds on vinyl… The quality on VHS is not something I think anyone would want to go back to.” But it’s true — some have not thrown out their VCRs, and in fact collect VHS intentionally. Not because they enjoy low-quality video (although some enjoy that aesthetic), but because there are dozens of films as yet unreleased on DVD, Blu-Ray, or digitally. There are entire online communities dedicated to collecting VHS, especially among fans of obscure horror films. Rotating double sided Coffin filled with horror VHS. Made by 610 Design for collector Earl Kess. — Killer Kitsch (@killer_kitsch) January 6, 2016 There are actually boutique labels, much like vinyl-only music companies, that produce special products on VHS, designed for the unique VCR viewing experience. Most are rare and unusual films that never found much of an audience even in their original lifespan. Many companies release movies on disc, digital, and VHS formats. The VHS releases are often in limited batches which sell out quickly. Bleeding Skull/Mondo, a sub-division of the Alamo Drafthouse movie theater company, is a well-known purveyor of this style of niche VHS releasing. Bleeding Skull co-founder Joseph Ziemba spoke with the Telegraph last April. “We want these movies to be seen and appreciated by as many people as possible… All the Bleeding Skull Video titles were released on VHS in tiny quantities, only released in foreign markets, or never released. But they were originally intended for the VHS format. That’s why we release these movies on VHS.” Alamo Drafthouse, the parent company, even hosts special monthly VHS-only movie nights at their theaters. So there might still be a future, however small, for VCRs and their VHS tapes after all. However, please remember, one last time – don’t forget to rewind after watching.
[By Priwo (video recorded by de:Benutzer:Priwo) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons] [Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images]

Mercury Transit Linked To Biblical World Destruction Prophecy: Doomsday Prophecies Spark End Of The World Fears [Video]

Wacky online doomsday prophets have been busy lately stirring the pot of doomsday hysteria with solemn-toned warnings of sulfur, fire and brimstone divine wrath to accompany the transit of Mercury across the Sun on Monday, May 9, 2016. According to YouTube doomsday prophets, biblical prophecies show that the upcoming transit of planet Mercury signals the commencement of world destruction in fulfillment of centuries-old biblical apocalyptic prophecies. Among several prophetic doomsday messages uploaded to YouTube linking the transit of Mercury with biblical destruction prophesies, a message uploaded online on May 1, 2016 by an online doomsday prophet who styles himself The Prophetico, has gained considerable attention, due, probably, to its detailed analysis of the alleged evidence that tomorrow is the end of the world. Although, the transit of Mercury across the Sun is a natural phenomenon that occurs several times in a century, Monday’s event — according to The Prophetico — promises to be unique in all history because it will be accompanied by a host of spooky astronomical alignments that portend gravely for unsuspecting sinful humanity. “Put on sackcloth, my people, and roll in ashes; mourn with bitter wailing… for suddenly the destroyer will come upon us.” Jeremiah 6: 26 ‘Put on sackcloth, my people, and roll in ashes; mourn with bitter wailing… for suddenly the destroyer will come upon us’: Jer 6:26 [Image via Shutterstock]According to the doomsday prophet, a study of biblical eschatology and related numerology forces the conclusion that Monday’s event is linked to Armageddon and world destruction. Although written centuries ago, the Bible, according to online doomsday prophets and conspiracy theorists, foretold that the world will end tomorrow as Mercury transits the Sun. The Prophetico explains that the pattern of alignment of planets relative to distant star constellations as Mercury transits the Sun indicates unambiguously that Earth is going to get literally whacked tomorrow by a divine mace in the skies. Spiritually-minded biblical eschatologists know that tomorrow’s celestial event is special due to bits and pieces of evidence that pile up to an unavoidable conclusion, Prophetico insists. The first piece of evidence that the end is nigh and that it might be too late for the world to repent of its evil ways is revealed in the mysterious manifestation of the number three in connection with the start of the new moon cycle on May 6 and the onset of the transit of Mercury on May 9. The Prophetico reveals that in biblical numerology, the number three represents ual sin. The difference between the number nine in May 9 and the number six in May 6 is three. This couldn’t be a coincidence, according to the prophet, especially at a time that the world is being corrupted increasingly by ual sins. If God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for sins he could do it again, biblical doomsday theorists argue. ‘The pattern of alignment of planets relative to distant star constellations as Mercury transits the Sun indicates unambiguously that Earth is going to get literally whacked tomorrow by a divine mace in the skies’ [Image via Shutterstock]The fact that the full moon on May 6 was a supermoon gives additional evidence that the number “three” sign is significant, according to the YouTube prophet. A supermoon is the full moon that occurs when the Earth’s natural satellite makes closest approach along its elliptical orbital path. The moon appears in the sky as a crescent on May 9, three days after the supermoon on May 6. If you happen to be armed with a good telescope in Jerusalem — the Holy Land — on May 9, when the transit begins, search the skies and you will observe something astounding and mind-blowing: The crescent of the moon aligns with the Orion star constellation in a manner that turns Orion’s Club into a spiked mace. The appearance of a spiked mace in the sky is not a coincidence, the doomsday prophet assures. It is a sign of divine wrath and a signal of imminent worldwide destruction. It is a symbol of God wielding the rod of corrective judgment to smite the Earth and the people thereof in wrathful anger as punishment for abundance of evil. “The moon itself has been turned into a sickle, so literally turning Orion’s club into a mace as he strikes the lion’s whelp along the cheek, during the transit,” the prophet explains. “The moon itself has been turned into a sickle… turning Orion’s club into a mace as he strikes the lion’s whelp along the cheek…” The prophet then goes on to reveal a host of other astronomical alignments that prove the end of the world has come. The Sun, Venus, Mercury, Earth, Mars and Saturn will also align in the skies to form a crescent. The only planet that will defy the pattern is the planet Jupiter. But Jupiter’s non-alignment is not the result of a divine oversight, the prophet assures. On the contrary, Jupiter’s position in the skies is “extremely prophetic looking.” During the alignment of the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Earth, Mars and Saturn, Jupiter will be positioned in the constellation Leo, a star formation that represents the Lion of Judah in biblical astrology, according to the prophet. In the New Testament, Jesus is the Lion of Judah. Jupiter’s alignment with the Lion of Judah constellation points to the Second Coming of Jesus, the battle of Armageddon and destruction of the world. “These conclusions force us to hypothesize about what this could mean to the observer,” The Prophetico writes. He then speculates about what could happen during the transit that leads to a catastrophic impact on Earth. “Will Mercury transit the sun in the wrong position?” the prophet wonders. “Will its parallax be off causing it to appear too large or too small? If not could we witness a massive impact that knocks it out of orbit altogether? If not now will this happen whenever the ‘end times’ are upon us? These hypotheses surly demand further research and development.” The prophet ends his lenghty analysis with a reference to chapters three through five of the Old Testament Book of Micah, where God promises to send down destruction on world leaders who have corrupted Earth with lies and abominations. [Image via Shutterstock]

Bride Discovers She Accidentally Married Her Grandpa — Decides To Stay And 'Make The Marriage Work'

A newlywed couple have made vows to stay together after the bride discovered her new husband was also her grandpa. According to The New York Post, the couple made the discovery three months after getting married when they were flipping through a photo album and realized her husband’s estranged son was also her father. The bride’s new husband, who is also a 68-year-old millionaire, claims he does not have any plans on divorcing his new 24-year-old wife because he has already had two previous marriages in his past which both failed. He does not want a third failed marriage to add to that list. The man, who has made the decision to remain unidentified, proposed to his wife (who has now been discovered to also be his granddaughter) on New Year’s Eve. The two originally met through an online dating website. He claims to have become estranged from the children in his first marriage. He, then, moved away after his second marriage ended in divorce after he won “several million dollars” as part of a lottery prize. Gold digging girl marries her millionaire grandfather by mistake but wont get divorce?? — peter lane (@PeterLaneFoods) October 2, 2016 The bride’s grandpa originally signed up for the dating website because he was looking for companionship. It didn’t take him long to connect to his granddaughter who now doubles as his new bride. When they first started talking, his bride told him about how she had recently been kicked out of her family home. The grandpa and husband went on to tell the Florida Sun Post, “It was like a sense of deja vu, but at the time I couldn’t figure out why she seemed so familiar.” At the time, neither he nor his granddaughter could put their finger on it. But, the two felt a very strong connection. The connection between he and his granddaughter was so strong that he proposed to her and the two decided to get married. [Secondary Image via BanT/ShutterStock] It was not until three months after the two had already been married that they discovered they were actually family members. It was while they flipped through a family photo album that they first discovered the connection. By this time, the two had been in a relationship for a while and happily married for a little more than three months. The bride claimed she felt overwhelmed and a sense of despair when she learned her husband was also her grandpa. Her exact words of how she felt after making the discovery while looking through photo albums with her new husband were: “When I saw my father in that photo album, I just felt an overwhelming sense of despair.” While this may come as a shock, the granddaughter and grandfather who double as husband and wife claim they have absolutely no plans of ending their relationship or their marriage after making this discovery. Instead, the two have reported they would like to “try to make their marriage work.” [Secondary Image via Andrey Bayda/ShutterStock] The man has told several media outlets that he has already had a bleak history of romance and relationships as he has been in two marriages before this one and neither of them worked out. The last thing he wants is to get divorced for a third time. His exact words regarding whether or not he wanted to end his marriage with his third wife who doubles as his granddaughter were: “I’ve already had two failed marriages, and I’m determined not to have a third.” And what did his bride have to say about being married to her grandpa? She, too, felt as if their marriage could work as they have a very special bond with each other: “Every couple is different and special in their own ways. I feel our bond is so strong that even something like this is not enough to make us give up.” What do you think about this odd story? Do you think the girl should divorce her husband because he is also her grandpa or do you think they can make the marriage work? More importantly, what would you do if you found out you married a family member accidentally?

UFO Hunters Claim To Have Spotted ‘Giant Alien Worm’ Burrowing Through Martian Soil In NASA’s Curiosity Rover Photo [Video]

UFO and alien hunters have added a new life form to their growing Mars menagerie — a live “giant worm” borrowing through Mars soil. Online Mars anomaly researchers typically report discoveries of remains of ancient life forms on Mars, but this time around, a live animal was found on Mars — a “giant worm” moving on the planet’s surface. The Mars worm appears to be a lone survivor of the nuclear holocaust that Mars anomaly hunters claim wiped out all life on the Red Planet millions of years ago. In a new documentary uploaded to YouTube on June 18, 2019, titled, “Planet Mars Has Something Moving Under It’s Surface,” the notorious YouTube alien and UFO hunter Secureteam10, announced discovery of a living worm-like life form moving under the Martian surface. While NASA scientists continue to search the Martian surface in the hope of discovery of signs of microbial life forms, Secureteam10 announces casually evidence of existence of a “long cylindrical creature” burrowing into Martian soil. “Evidence” backing the bizarre claim, according to Secureteam10, comes from separate images of the same spot on the Martian surface taken at different times by NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover. According to Secureteam10 narrator Tyler Glockner, the first image shows a patch of Martian soil devoid of life or movement but a second image of the same spot on the Martian surface taken some time after shows “something” moving under the surface of the soil. It looks like a long cylindrical creature, a “giant worm” burrowing through Mars soil. “You are looking at the dirt here on the Martian surface there’s nothing there,” the alien hunter says, “and in the very next image we see this worm-looking object moving through the dirt… This thing is wiggling up through the dirt whatever it is.” The images, according to Glockner, prove that there is more to Mars than NASA admits. He claims that Mars used to teem with diverse life forms just like Earth and hosted a bustling civilization built by humanoid alien races. But the planet was devastated by a nuclear holocaust that wiped out life from its surface millions of years ago. Glockner’s Mars nuclear holocaust theory echoes claims contained in a research paper presented by Dr. John Brandenburg at the 2014 Annual Fall meeting of the American Physical Society, Prairie Section in Monmouth, Illinois. Brandenburg also presented his theory in March 2015 at the 46th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston, Texas. According to Brandenburg, physical evidence shows that Mars civilization was wiped out millions of years ago by a series of thermonuclear explosions triggered by hostile alien races. Glockner claims that additional evidence in support of Brandenburg’s astonishing claims comes from the extensive scarring of the Martian surface, which he attributes to “high energy weapons.” NASA scientists are not telling the truth about what they know of the history of Mars and present conditions on the planet, Glockner alleges. He insists that Mars is teeming with life and bustling with activity. The planet’s surface is littered with remains of diverse life forms, remains of massive ancient structures and artifacts that prove the planet once hosted advanced cultures and civilizations. Mars researchers have also discovered evidence of UFOs on Mars, Glockner continues. Some of the UFOs were abandoned on the Martian surface thousands or millions of years ago. UFO hunters have also spotted UFOs flying over Martian skies, proving that aliens are still living on the planet. Evidence that aliens are living on Mars comes from the observation that the surface of the planet has many hidden entrances to underground bases. But while conspiracy theorists claim there are aliens living in secret underground bases on Mars, it remains uncertain why the alleged Mars aliens prefer to be sneaky about their presence on the planet. “Mars is not some dead radiation covered planet that NASA would have us believe,” Glockner explains. “There are structures on Mars, crafts on Mars. There are buildings, there are statues, there are monoliths, there are domes, and there are glass tube-like structures underground with objects moving through them.” Glockner’s extraordinary claims sparked a debate between believers and unbelievers. “All this evidence and there [are] people that don’t believe because they are scared of the truth,” a believer lamented dolefully. “We are not alone,” declared another believer who was apparently deeply impressed by the “evidence” presented in the video. Some viewers announced discovery of other evidence of life in the images that Glockner missed. “At the time stamp 7:38, the image shows a spinal column,” a viewer announced. And in case anyone doubted his judgment, he declared, “I’m an expert in spinal anatomy. The image clearly shows all the neural and spinal canals…” But unbelievers dismissed the Glockner’s claims, saying that his assertions were not based objective evidence. One viewer explained that what Secureteam10 mistook for a worm was actually the Mars Curiosity rover drilling for samples on the Martian surface. “It looks like drill samples to me,” the viewer wrote, “not a worm-like creature but multiple holes.” The viewer went to explain that the NASA rover usually takes “before” and “after” pictures of the spots where samples are taken. “They usually take before and after pics of the areas where they take samples to document the event,” the viewer wrote. But some critics of the Secureteam10 YouTube channel were brutally frank about expressing their opinion of the channel. “Your personal theories that you insert in the videos sound like something out of a sci-fi hovel written by a group of crackheads,” one critic said. “Whenever I need a laugh, I come here,” another said shortly. [Image via Shutterstock]

Virginia Doctor Researches Reincarnation: Past-Life Evidence And Proof Of Reincarnation

A Virginia doctor has spent many years researching reincarnation. Through multiple studies, he has found past-life evidence and proof of reincarnation, IISIS reports. Do you believe in reincarnation? Dr. Ian Stevenson has dedicated years of his life to determine whether reincarnation is a possibility after death, and what he has found is quite incredible. Dr. Stevenson has studied multiple cases, including children who have immense memories of a past life. Others undergo past-life regression in order to recollect past-life memories. The great Dr. Ian Stevenson and his phenomenal research provides compelling evidence for REINCARNATION. — LifeDeath&Reinc'tion (@thetvminiseries) May 20, 2016 Throughout all of his studies, Dr. Stevenson has been able to determine multiple aspects of reincarnation. He has determined that a soul can reincarnate into someone of a different race, gender, nationality, religion, and ethnic affiliation. A very interesting fact that Dr. Stevenson has been able to justify is that souls can share similar facial features from one life to the next. Take a look at the case of John B. Gordon and Jeff Keene. Jeff Keene, a retired fire fighter, said that he suddenly started becoming aware of things that he was not able to explain. For instance, he “knew” that he was friends with some famous people, even though he had never even met them. Situations occurred that made Jeff feel as though he was be guided to find out who he was in a past life. “Getting to the point were the word “coincidence” was worn very thin, I decided to accept the fact that I was being guided and opened myself to what life wanted to show me. Long after I had been convinced of a past life, unusual events kept reinforcing my conclusions, so much so that the only reason I could come up with for such revelations was that I was to share them with others.” Although Jeff never had any affiliation with the Civil War, he was compelled to visit the battlefield. While he was there, he stumbled across an area that John B. Gordon had occupied during the Civil War. [Image by justasc/AP Images] “A wave of grief, sadness and anger washed over me. Without warning I was suddenly consumed by sensations. Burning tears ran down my cheeks. It became difficult to breathe. I gasped for air, as I stood transfixed in the old roadbed. To this day I cannot tell you how much time transpired, but as these feelings, this emotional overload passed, I found myself exhausted as if I had run a marathon.” Jeff and his wife went to a souvenir shop, where he was intrigued by a book that shared the story about John B. Gordon. The facial features between the two were strikingly similar. Another study completed by Dr. Stevenson was the case of Anne Frank and Barbro Karlen. This case proved that ethnic and religious attributions can change from a past-life. Anne Frank died in a concentration camp in 1945. [Image by AP Images] Barbro Karlen was born in Sweden to a christian family in 1954. When Barbro wasn’t even four years old, she told her parents that her name was Anne Frank, not Barbro. Further, Barbro refused to call her parents ‘ma’ and ‘pa’ because she knew that they were not her real parents. Still, her family had no idea who Anne Frank was. She regularly told stories to her family about her life as Anne Frank, but her parents rubbed it off as being fantasies. Barbro also had regular nightmares, where a man ran up the stair to the attic, where she and her family were hiding, and kicked down the door. Eventually, when Barbro was ten years old, her memories were able to lead her family to Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam. By then, Barbro’s family was speechless. How could she find a house in Amsterdam, which she had never even been to? “We don’t need a taxi, it’s not far to walk from here. We’ll soon be there, it’s just round the next corner.” Barbro’s story is absolutely amazing. Her parents were convinced that Barbro must have been a reincarnation of Anne Frank. There again, the facial features of Barbro and Anne are incredibly similar. Dr. Stevenson has compared personalities among those thought to be reincarnated. Among the majority of cases, personalities were strikingly similar. Also, some had birthmarks and scars that were present in a past life. Another very interesting fact made aware to Dr. Stevenson is that talent and child prodigies were often explained through reincarnation. If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Stevenson’s studies, take a look at his page. A similar study among another Virginia Doctor, Jim B. Tucker, can be located here. Perhaps reincarnation really is a possibility.

German Couple Have Public Park , Ignoring Onlookers Just Feet Away

Footage shot in a Berlin park last Friday of a German couple having within a few feet of a mother pushing a stroller, bikers filming the incident on their phones, and a man who recorded the incident and put it up online has gone viral in the past few days. The couple’s bizarre public crusade, which took place on the ground behind a tree, has been covered by The Sun and a multitude of other news sources, both German and otherwise. “We need to get this,” says the man who filmed the viral clip of the couple in German. “I honestly think they are having in the park.” As the clip goes on, the couple continues their very public activity with vigor as a small crowd of people, including passing cyclists who stop for a glimpse of the lewd spectacle, gather around. The cameraman approaches the couple, managing to get close enough to clearly capture their smiling faces. The amazing thing about the clip is just how indifferent to their surroundings the German couple seem to be. They are humping ravenously just feet away from a woman pushing a baby carriage through the park, and they are surrounded by onlookers who are pointing and laughing at them in shocked disbelief. The couple appears to either not notice or not care because they don’t look even a little bit disturbed. That is not to say that the couple is totally oblivious to the onlookers’ presence. On the contrary, they seem to welcome their audience. At one point, in fact, the man in the couple even takes a short break in his routine to take a drag on a cigarette, during which time he reaches out to one of the onlookers for a light. The onlooker obliges, and then the couple goes right back to their intimate session. Maybe the two just love each other so much that they are literally 100 percent focused on each other, but that wouldn’t explain the man’s short cigarette break. On second thought, maybe they are just exhibitionists… Bare with us: Hong Kong’s nudists struggle for acceptance — SCMP News (@SCMP_News) August 2, 2016 The 95 second-long NSFW clip of the German couple’s shocking foray was uploaded to on Sunday and has already amassed over 280,000 views at the time of this writing, a number that is still increasing every minute. Many commenters are disgusted by the spectacle. Some are disgusted for the first reason that might come to mind — between two members of a couple is an intimate experience and should be kept private. “What the f**k is wrong with these guys?” writes one user. “This should be a punishable offense with five years in prison,” another said. Others are more disgusted by the fascination displayed by the onlookers in the German park than with the couple themselves. “That’s f*****g disgusting,” writes Grammernazi. “Not the couple – but the fact that there were SIX f*****g naggers disgustingly oogling a couple in a private moment – all hoping that they could break off a piece next.” “It’s a twisted mind that even wants to walk up on that couple,” another user added. [Photo by iStock]For the most part, though, the comments showed amusement. “Boy meets girl in park, boy parks meat in girl,” read one highly voted comment. “Hahaha nice,” another said succinctly. This German couple certainly got off easier than they might have, with people tending to laugh and move on rather than make note of the couple’s faces and report them to the police for indecent exposure. The man who posted the video speculates that the couple must have been high out of their minds on drugs to put on such a display, probably an accurate assessment. [Photo by iStock]