Taco Bell Announced A Cheetos Burrito

Just when foodies think they’ve seen every type of food combination there is, Taco Bell decides to change things up by stuffing yet another well-known type of chips in a burrito. According to TIME, Taco Bell has announced the testing of a new product called the Cheetos Burrito. That’s right, Taco Bell has made the decision to take their classic burrito and stuff it full of Cheetos. The question is – how are people responding to the announcement of the Cheetos Burrito? For some social media users and foodies, Taco Bell’s announcement of the Cheetos Burrito is exciting. For others, the announcement is terrifying and repulsive. Brand Eating reports the Cheetos do add a small crunch to the burrito that many will enjoy. However, the Cheetos do not add much, in terms of cheese, when it comes to the flavor of the burrito. In fact, the cheesy taste of this Cheetos Burrito is thanks to actual melted cheese. Cheeto burrito: Taco Bell takes fast food to extreme https://t.co/4qGHii1fjx pic.twitter.com/fEIL0UnhTx — WPXI (@WPXI) July 30, 2016 Technically, this is not the first time Taco Bell has experimented with stuffing one of their items full of Cheetos. In fact, Taco Bell experienced with the Cheetos Crunchwrap Slider back in March of this year. The reason you may have not heard of this delicacy is because it was only available to Taco Bell lovers in Canada. After the Crunchwrap stuffed with Cheetos did so well, Taco Bell made the decision to experiment with another Cheetos stuffed product. This time, however, the company decides to bring the combination of Taco Bell and Cheetos to the United States. . @tacobell will begin testing the Bur-cheeto, a Cheetos stuffed burrito next month in Cincinnati. pic.twitter.com/Jqi0J2Vcyd — Dan Shuftan (@StateStSports) July 30, 2016 In case you are curious, this Cheetos Burrito from Taco Bell comes complete with a fairly expected blend of ingredients including: sour cream, rice, seasoned beef, nacho cheese, and, of course, Cheetos. This delicious blend of ingredients is wrapped up and grilled inside of a flour tortilla. Those interested in tasting the Cheetos Burrito will be able to purchase one for $1. According to Brand Eating, Taco Bell has used a different recipe for the rice inside of the Cheetos Burrito. This recipe has ended up making the rice taste a little extra buttery. Taco Bell and Cheetos fans can expect testing for this odd burrito to begin in the middle of August of this year. Is the Cheetos Burrito really that original of a concept? One Twitter user predicted the release of this burrito a little more than two years ago: I feel like the trend of putting foods into other foods will get much worse before it goes away #CheetoBurrito #Justsayno — Willie Dynamite (@wbanks32) May 1, 2014 It also wasn’t that long ago that Burger King tested a product featuring deep fried Cheetos stuffed with macaroni and cheese. Some social media users have taken to Twitter just to express how disgusting they think the concept of a Cheetos stuffed burrito is. Geez @tacobell are you trying to kill customers?!#cheetoburrito #noway #notme — MaryAnn Ottenberg (@MareOttenberg) July 30, 2016 @realDonaldTrump #CheetoBurrito as horrifying as #cheetojesus — amy hirsch shumaker (@ahshumaker121) July 30, 2016 #CheetoBurrito anyone? :/ Definitely not for me, but are you going to try it? #TacoBell https://t.co/vyTsh82bkQ — JFierceRodriguez (@JRodReno) July 28, 2016 The new #CheetoBurrito from #TacoBell got us…a little confused…
–@985TylerHall pic.twitter.com/pSIIXXrbf3 — Virgin Morning Show (@985MorningShow) July 29, 2016 Naturally, there are other social media users who have taken to Twitter to express how excited they are about the new Cheetos Burrito Taco Bell has announced. @tacobell is making a #CheetoBurrito. Stoners around the world rejoice. World peace is achieved. I approve. — Keith (@killerspecialk) July 30, 2016 In case you haven't heard #TacoBell is going to test the #CheetoBurrito… But I ask why?… Just unveil it and take ALL OF MY MONEY, NOW!!! — Gone Fishing (@BigSlim73) July 30, 2016 @foodbeast chips in a burrito. What a great concept! — Beefy Crunch Burrito (@BeefyCrunch2017) July 27, 2016 There were even some Taco Bell fans who want Taco Bell to take things a step farther and consider stuffing some of the items on their menu with Hot Cheetos as well. TIME goes on to mention that one of the biggest benefits to the release of the Cheetos Burrito is the fact that you can enjoy your beloved Cheetos without getting the orange Cheetos dust all over your fingertips. The only question left to ask is simple – how do YOU feel about Taco Bell testing a burrito stuffed with Cheetos? Will you be rushing to the nearest Taco Bell when this new product is released for testing at a Taco Bell near you? Or, are you with the group of Taco Bell lovers who think stuffing a burrito (or any Taco Bell product for that matter) is disgusting? Given the success Taco Bell has had with the combination of tacos and Doritos, Taco Bell fans can only assume the chain will be successful with the testing. [Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images]

Holiday Food Prep Tips: How To Make Your Christmas Party Cooking Quick And Easy

Christmas and other December holidays are traditionally a time for family and close friends to come together to enjoy a meal — or in many circles, a feast. If you are the one hosting, it can be an exhilarating — and overwhelming — experience. While you have to make sure your house is ready to receive guests, you also have to make enough food for everyone. For many lovers of the holiday, ordering out pizza won’t cut it. The food must be homemade, and entice the tastebuds of everyone who comes over to celebrate. But when time is tight, how can you ease the burden on everyone without sacrificing the quality of your meal? Often all it takes is a bit of foresight, planning and acceptance of help in order to make it all come together without a hitch. Follow these tips for a Christmas party that will make your evening one to remember. Schedule it. This is good advice for any of your holiday activities. Huffington Post recommends making a to-do list with a specific time and date attached. This detail is one way to turn your lofty goals into accomplished tasks. Since it is a hectic time of year for everyone, block off more time than you need to take into account parking delays and lineups at the grocery store. If you’re planning an at-home task, you might receive more interruptions than usual with seasonal activities and good wishes from loved ones. Food is a large part of holiday traditions around the globe. The Christmas market in Berlin opened on November 21, 2016 in Germany. (Image by Sean Gallup/Getty Images) Simplify non-holiday meals. While you are getting set for the big day, you have to feed yourself and your family in the meantime. Pare back your regular routine to save energy and time to devote to the holiday feast. The Kitchn recommends using ingredients in your pantry and chopping vegetables ahead of time for quick additions to soups or to pop in the oven when it’s time to eat. Prep food ahead of time. Many traditional holiday dishes require hours of work if they are done from scratch. Many of these tasks might be done a day or two before your Christmas party. Veg Kitchen recommends making vegetable broth and using pre-made pie crusts or canned beans. You can also pre-bake squashes for pies and savory dishes, microwave potatoes instead of using a conventional oven, or make bread crumbs or croutons. Chocolate Santas were a big part of the Michendorf Santa Run in Germany. Participants were given chocolate figurines of St. Nicholas before participating in the race on December 6, 2015. (Image by Sean Gallup/Getty Images) Get some assistance. It’s a good bet you are not the only one in your immediate family who will enjoy your holiday meal. As you’re getting set for the big day, and even on the day itself, task your children with helping out. There are many simple, but time-consuming, tasks that your kids can do to relieve the burden on you and others making food. Kalon Women recommends that they can measure ingredients or mash potatoes, depending on their ages and capabilities. Make it collaborative. One of the best ways to make a Christmas party easier on the host is to spread the work around. Instead of putting together a haphazard potluck, plan a menu and ask all guests to bring one or two items. If you only have to focus on the turkey, and others can bring side vegetables and desserts, your tasks are much easier. Some of your close friends may even be willing to arrive early and help you cook. The holidays are meant to be fun and celebratory — don’t make them too hard by trying to do too much! Ask for help and accept it when it’s offered so you can enjoy spending time with people you love. [Featured image by Alex Markow/Getty Images]

Jollibee, ‘McDonald’s of the Philippines’ Opens Its Doors in Manhattan, Are They Ready for the ‘ChickenJoy’?

For the massive Filipino community in Manhattan, Jollibee is opening up a branch and it might be the closest thing to home. According to the Commercial Observer, Jollibee, dubbed as the McDonald’s of the Philippines, is opening its first Outpost in Manhattan. The Filipino-owned Jollibee Food Corporation has decided to open this fall in the 2,723 sq. ft. ground floor at the Ahkenazy Acquisition Corporation’s 609 Eight Avenue. The massive leasing deal has an asking rent of $300 per square foot. “The proximity to the Port Authority along with the tremendous pedestrian count makes this Eighth Avenue corridor an ideal location for fast-casual brands. Both Jollibee and Arby’s choosing to locate their Manhattan flagship stores here further solidifies the strength of this sub-market,” Daniel Iwanicki, a senior vice president of leasing and development at Ashkenazy Acquisition Corporation, said in prepared remarks. Though this is the first branch in Manhattan, this is not the only Jollibee station in the U.S. Jollibee has branches in Woodside, Queens and Jersey City as well. “Jollibee is primed for success at 609 Eighth Avenue given its optimum location near the bus terminal and the neighborhood’s heavy foot traffic,” said NGKF Retail’s Harrison Abramowitz, who represented the landlord along with colleague Jason Pruger, in a direct deal. “There is a large Filipino population in New Jersey, many of whom commute through Port Authority every day. This will be a tremendous help in introducing the chain to Manhattan.” Wearing my pride today with my new Barong Tagalog. This is how I show that I am #PinoyAndProud! A photo posted by Jollibee (@bestfriendjollibee) on May 31, 2016 at 5:49am PDT Jollibee is not a high-end restaurant. Jollibee is a fast-food brand that has captured the heart of the Filipinos. The Chickenjoy, the Jollibee’s specialty, is sold at $2.99 for one piece, according to New York Times. The Times noted that the Jollibee Spaghetti dish is sweet and is “frighteningly addictive.” Jollibee also offers the Palabok Fiesta which was called as the “only recognizable Asian dish.” Buzzfeed has featured Jollibee multiple times. They even did a taste test review for Jollibee’s top meals including the Chickenjoy. Some Americans found the taste weird, but many found the food interesting. Jollibee’s mascot, the red, friendly-looking bee, is said to be one of the top go-to staples of Filipinos who are in the U.S. And with its new branch in Manhattan, they would just reach out to the thousands of Filipinos living there. In the Philippines, Jollibee is more popular than McDonald’s. Aside from its affordable price, the sweet combos of the food and drinks appeal to the majority of Filipinos. Road trip na! Drive thru a Jollibee store along the way to get your favorite treats plus a #JollibeeCarShade! #JollyJoyRide For more details, visit: http://on.fb.me/1TQbjsk Promo runs from Mar 15 – Apr 30, 2016. Per DTI – FTEB SPD Permit No. 3737, Series of 2016. A photo posted by Jollibee (@bestfriendjollibee) on Mar 16, 2016 at 5:46am PDT Jollibee has also made its mark to the Philippine families because they offer to host children’s birthday parties. Jollibee mascots can actually be seen dancing in streets and in parties. Though in tight competition with McDonald’s Jollibee has always been on top. They even branched out to different partnerships like the top pastry shop Red Ribbon. Jollibee has always been compared to McDonald’s, but it is not actually the burgers that make them stand out but the top choices like their Chickenjoy, Spaghetti and Peach Mango Pie. Jollibee started out 38 years ago in 1975 when Tony Tan Caktiong and his family opened up a Magnolia Ice Cream parlor in Quezon City, Philippines. The family parlor expanded their offerings from ice cream to hot dogs since there was a larger market for that. Jollibee’s affordability and unique taste particular to the Philippine geographic made it a success. Their rapid growth has put them to more acquisitions like Greenwich Pizza and Mang Inasal. They also went on to being the sole franchisee of Burger King in the Philippines. This year, Jollibee has announced a joint venture with Dunkin Donuts to establish 1,400 Dunkin Donuts branches in China for the next 20 years. [Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]

Deep-Fried Twinkies: Hostess Wants You To Make Them At Home, Additional Recipes To Try

Deep-fried Twinkie junkies, get ready to rock your oven! Hostess just made it possible to enjoy this yummy treat at home with very little effort required. According to CBS News, this is Hostess Brands first attempt at a freezer-related treat and creating it wasn’t easy. At first, the company considered selling its version of deep-fried Twinkies to restaurants. However, after Hostess tested several prototypes, Wal-Mart approached the company with a partnership offer. The rest is deep-fried history! During his initial taste testing, Wal-Mart frozen food buyer John Pearson admitted that the first samples of deep-fried Twinkies were “pretty good.” He added to his review by saying “the batter was a little lumpy.” USA Today explains that deep-fried Twinkies are exclusive to Wal-Mart for a period of three months. After that, consumers will be able to purchase them at a variety of other stores as well. The iconic treat is available in both chocolate and vanilla (original golden) flavors. Watch the following video for price and baking instructions. Deep-fried Twinkies are surprisingly cheap, compared to fair or carnival food prices! If you happen to be extremely health-conscious, a deep-fried Twinkie may not be your best snack option. Weighing in at 220 calories and 9g of fat, it compares to 130 calories and 4g of fat in a regular Twinkie. The decision on whether or not to indulge is completely up to you. These new Hostess deep-fried Twinkies don’t taste exactly like the ones at the county fair. But, for a yummy treat that takes roughly 10 minutes to bake, it’s definitely not a bad substitute. In this case, think crispy outside and ooey-gooey filling. In the event you prefer to whip up your own, there are countless recipes for deep-fried Twinkies online. Some of them call for store-bought Twinkies, while others are totally from scratch options. ABC News recently published this recipe for deep-fried Twinkies with raspberry sauce, courtesy of the food editor of the St. Petersburg Times. It looks like this recipe’s key for success is freezing the Twinkies overnight (or at least several hours) before deep-frying them. If you don’t, you may end up with a disintegrated mess. Here is one more quick tip. If you’re looking for an easy raspberry sauce recipe, suitable for other desserts, this one just might fit the bill. If you’re really craving deep-fried Twinkies today, why not head over to Pinterest and scroll through scads of Twinkie-related recipes? Here are just a few of them to consider. Pineapple Twinkie Delight Pikachu Pokémon Twinkie Treats Deep-Fried Twinkies Easy Peasy Twinkie Cake Pops Twinkie Bomb Pie DIY Twinkies Chocolate Covered Twinkies Berry Cheesecake Trifle Gluten-Free Twinkies CNN reports that Hostess deep-fried Twinkies should be available nationwide by August 16. That being said, if you don’t have access to a local Wal-Mart, you won’t have to wait forever to try one. This isn’t the first time that Hostess has made changes to its Twinkies. To celebrate the release of the new Ghostbusters movie, you can now purchase Key Lime Slime Twinkies. As you can probably guess, the filling is a fun “ectoplasm-green” color and key lime in flavor. Slimer would be proud. Not everyone eats Twinkies on a frequent basis, deep-fried or otherwise. If you happen to fall into this group, you may not be aware that Twinkie production was halted in 2012. Shocked Twinkie-lovers flocked to stores everywhere to frantically stock up on as many boxes possible. The Twinkie scare was the result of a Bakery Workers union strike, which forced Hostess into bankruptcy. But, all was not lost. Private equity groups Metropoulos & Co and Apollo Global Management shelled out $410 million to purchase Hostess Brands. Twinkies hit the shelves again in 2013. Since you can’t please everyone all of the time, there are obviously good reviews and bad reviews centering around deep-fried Twinkies. So… this is how it ends for me? Death by Deep fried Twinkie Overdose pic.twitter.com/TX7UudfT1b — Britni (@brrriitttnnii) August 12, 2016 ‘I like the original Twinkie,’ she said. ‘This is a step too far.’ https://t.co/LWtLIT1xCo — Hugo Gye (@HugoGye) August 12, 2016 Deep Fried Twinkies will now be available at grocery stores. This is the greatest day for the South since they seceded from the union. — Andy Ruther (@AndyRuther) August 12, 2016 Attn Wal-Mart shoppers: Get your Deep Fried Twinkies in aisle 5, diabetes tests now being given in aisle 6. https://t.co/dihNiHL0T5 — soozreynolds (@soozreynolds) August 12, 2016 When you still have four more weeks of bathing suit season but Deep Fried Twinkies are trending… pic.twitter.com/1Plx0MlAF6 — Caitlin Green (@caitiegreen) August 12, 2016 Are you excited to try this new version of deep-fried Twinkies? Have you ever made your own version of them at home? Feel free to share your love or dislike of deep-fried Twinkies below. [Photo by Mary Altaffer/AP Images]

Mediterranean Diet May Slow Aging Process, Say Researchers

According to the NU-AGE project, funded by the EU, following a Mediterranean diet could slow down the aging process. Researchers announced their findings at a recent Brussels conference, telling those in attendance that adhering to the NU-AGE Mediterranean-style diet measurably decreased the levels of a particular protein. The protein, known in the scientific community as C-reactive protein, is one of the primary inflammatory markers known to be associated with aging. In addition, participants in the study with osteoporosis saw a marked reduction in their rate of bone loss. Yet to be analyzed by the Mediterranean diet study are other aging-related parameters, such as heart health, digestive health, and insulin resistance. According to researchers, this is the first study of its kind to look into the Mediterranean diet’s anti-aging properties in such depth. The study focused primarily on the anti-aging impacts of the Mediterranean diet on seniors. Professor Claudio Franceschi, who coordinated the project from the University of Bologna, summed up the research. “We are using the most powerful and advanced techniques including metabolomics, transcriptomics, genomics and the analysis of the gut microbiota to understand what effect the Mediterranean-style diet has on the population of over 65 years old.” Science Bulletin reports that the Mediterranean diet research project was incredibly straightforward. Researchers sought out volunteers to help them determine whether or not the Mediterranean diet could be used to slow down the aging process in humans. Each of the volunteers received a personally tailored Mediterranean-style diet plan to follow to for the duration of the study period. [Photo by Marilyn Barbone/Shutterstock]Research volunteers for the Mediterranean diet study came from five European nations: Italy, France, Poland, the U.K., and the Netherlands. In total, 1,142 volunteers participated. The volunteer pool was also deliberately diverse, and in addition to utilizing volunteers from different countries, it also included both men and women who also differed widely in body composition, blood measurements, genetics, response to the Mediterranean diet, compliance with the research, inflammatory parameters, and other factors. In addition to the myriad of observable physical and biological differences between the Mediterranean diet study volunteers, the NU-AGE researchers also considered several socio-economic variables. These included health information, food choices, and other factors know to be “significant barriers” to the quality of a person’s diet. During the Mediterranean diet research project, scientists found that there were substantive differences between more than just biological and genetic traits when participants from different countries were compared to one another. For example, overall nutrition knowledge among volunteers varied greatly depending upon their country of origin. More than 70 percent of those in the U.K. and France felt as though they had “high nutrition knowledge.” In Poland, however, only 31 percent of volunteers felt the same. Researchers also found that when their elderly volunteers shopped for food, their nationality could predict certain differences in their consideration of food labels. As in, “what is important to a person in France may not be important to a person in Italy.” Understanding and trust of nutritional information also varied substantially from country to country, report Mediterranean diet researchers. Overall, volunteers hailing from the Netherlands and the U.K. seemed to have the most comprehensive understanding of nutritional labels, while Poland and Italy lagged behind. Italian Mediterranean diet research volunteers trusted claims on food labels at a rate of 40 percent; among U.K. volunteers, that trust rate was only 20 percent. [Photo by Anton Balazh/Shutterstock]To the surprise of the Mediterranean diet researchers, nutritional understanding and knowledge didn’t seem to be influenced by gender. The Mediterranean diet, according to the Mayo Clinic, is already known to be incredibly heart-healthy. It incorporates whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and fish and very few unhealthy fats or red meats. Those who follow the Mediterranean diet often replace butter with olive oil and can even occasionally imbibe with a glass of red wine. It’s named after the Mediterranean Sea, where the cooking style and many of the diet’s staples are known to have originated. Professor Claudio Franceschi described the recent NU-AGE conference as being “a great success,” lauding the researchers’ excitement over their discovery of the anti-aging properties of the Mediterranean diet and promising future work on the project. [Image Courtesy Of YuliiaHolovchenko/Shutterstock]

McDonald's Delivery Service Through UberEATS Coming To Florida In January 2017

McDonald’s delivery service is coming to the state of Florida in January of 2017. In order to make this dream a reality, the famous fast-food franchise has partnered with UberEATS, according to Hayley Peterson of Business Insider. According to Mary Bowerman of USA Today, McDonald’s spokeswoman Becca Hary has said that starting late next month, the delivery service will be available from over 200 McDonald’s restaurants throughout three major cities in the state of Florida. Orlando, Tampa, and Miami are the three Florida cities in which the select McDonald’s restaurants will be located, according to Hary. The way in which McDonald’s delivery service will work is quite simple. Per USA Today, customers can order from the McDonald’s menu via the website or the UberEATS app. The customer can simply order their Big Mac and fries, and/or whatever else they might like from the menu, and someone then delivers the meal to that person’s front door. The customer can make the payment on their smartphone and reportedly track the progress of his or her order as well. [Image by Mario Tama/Getty Images] UberEATS, which is another creation that has been spawned from the successful Uber App, currently provides service to a total of 50 cites worldwide, according to USA Today. However, per USA Today, McDonald’s is one of the only fast-food chains to become involved thus far, which puts it ahead of its competitors. Naturally, many people outside of the state of Florida will likely begin to wonder when McDonald’s delivery service might be coming to a city near them. At this point, some of the details still remain a bit foggy. According to Samantha Bomkamp of the Chicago Tribune, there is no word yet on how long McDonald’s initial “test-run” may go on for. It also remains to be seen if other small steps will be taken, or if it will soon be tested out elsewhere in the country, before McDonald’s and Uber might begin to consider the possibility of making it available throughout the United States. “It’s not clear how long the test will last or if it will be expanded to include other markets before a potential national rollout.” In the USA Today article, the spokeswoman from McDonald’s claims that the company first hopes to get feedback from its Florida customers. After that, the company will apparently decide where to go from there and then make a determination on whether or not to expand the program. However, Business Insider reports that the rollout will spread to other countries, including Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The goals appear to be rather bold going forward as well. “By 2018, mobile ordering will be available at 20,000 to 25,000 restaurants worldwide.” It also appears that the deal between McDonald’s and UberEATS may not quite be official yet, either. The Chicago Tribune reported that UberEATS had not yet commented on this particular matter. Moreover, according to a source who is “familiar with the plan,” the deal is still yet to be signed, per the Chicago Tribune. Image by Tim Boyle/Getty Images The Chicago Tribune also reports on how McDonald’s currently does offer delivery through “third-party delivery companies,” such as Postmates. However, with a delivery fee of only $5 for UberEATS, the Chicago Tribune implies that it may be a more cost-efficient delivery option for McDonald’s customers. According to the Chicago Tribune, “more than two-thirds” of McDonald’s business is actually conducted through the drive-through window at this time. Given that so many of its customers are already getting their meals as “food-to-go” rather than eating inside of a McDonald’s restaurant, Crain’s Chicago Business argues that a delivery option is a “natural sales channel” for McDonald’s to seek. It also appears that McDonald’s has dedicated itself to keeping up with the times. In an article on CNBC last month, in which McDonald’s plans to implement things such as “table service” and “craft burgers” were discussed, it was described how the McDonald’s goal is to be “a modern and progressive burger company.” Partnering with UberEats to provide a delivery service seems to fall right in line with McDonald’s vision for the future. In an age where technology has provided a way to make things easier and more convenient, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see McDonald’s delivery service with UberEATS become a success, especially in the younger generation. [Featured Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

Chocolate: Scientists Use Electricity To Decrease Amount Of Fat In Chocolate [Video]

Last week, scientists at Temple University published a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America where they talked about their achievement of removing fat from chocolate by using electricity. In 2012, a consulting firm under contract for Mars Incorporated approached Temple physics professor, Rongjia Tao, with a problem that they wanted solved. The consulting firm was seeking a way to lower the content of fat in milk chocolate without decreasing the taste or thickness of the product. Tao figured out that by creating an electric field around the chocolate while it is in its liquid state, up to 20 percent of fat was removed from the decadent dessert. Tao’s task of lowering the fat content in chocolate was hindered by the fact that he was not able to use low-calorie fat substitutes. In order to complete the task, “new technology based on new soft matter science is critically needed.” The fat removing process begins with milk chocolate in liquid form. In order to keep the finished chocolate products solid, manufacturers use a combination of fat and cocoa butter to achieve their desired hardness. The chocolate experiment found that liquid chocolate behaves in ways similar to how smart fluids react. Smart fluid properties have the ability to respond to electronic impulses which is how this experiment was able to be a success. Tao and his time zapped the liquid chocolate with electricity and the electricity simultaneously lowered the chocolate’s viscosity while increasing its density. Electricity could not haphazardly be shot at the river of milk chocolate. In order to have sustainable results, the electrical field had to hit the chocolate parallelly. By creating the parallel field, the shape and structure of the chocolate is changed at the molecular level to take the shape of a chain. This shape enhances the strength needed by decreasing the viscosity. The results have also proved that this process can be improved with more testing and manipulation. Tao “In our ER treatment we have not reached the optimal solution for viscosity reduction; some particles may not be aggregated into short chains.” When Mars approached Tao about lowering the fat content in their chocolate, they wanted to make sure that taste was not compromised just for the sake of removing fat. As with many products that are diet, the taste is considerably different than the non-fat product. “Some people… claim that the ER-treated chocolate has a slightly stronger cocoa solid flavor, better than the original chocolate.” Scientists Remove Fat From Chocolate By Electrifying It https://t.co/VlJEDJIo9p #Chocolate #ChocolateHealth — Immortal News (@immortal_org) June 26, 2016 Chocolate Facts That Will Shock You In the United States, the chocolate industry generates $34.5 billion in sales each year. Chocolate is believed to have become an aphrodisiac during the time period of the Aztecs. Switzerland leads the world in chocolate consumption. On average, each person in Switzerland eats 22 pounds of chocolate each year. Health Benefits Of Chocolate Studies show that some women who eat 45 grams per week had decreased their chances of having a stroke by up to 20 percent. Eating chocolate has been shown to reduce blood pressure and reduce problems related to heart disease. Dark chocolate breaks an old wives tale by actually improving the look and health of skin. Eating chocolate has been shown to release chemicals in the brain that lower stress. Some studies have shown that people who eat chocolate may be increasing their intelligence. Chocolate has been shown to improve the blood flow throughout the body. With increased blood flow comes improved vision. Do you think this new chocolate study is going to end up being a big deal for the industry? [Image Via Shutterstock/Drozhzhina Elena]

Stop ‘Premature Pumpkin Spicing’: Angry Non-Basics Rally Over PSL Release Date

Fall is a glorious time – NYFW takes over every notable venue in New York, new rows of this season’s most stylish leather boots magically appear in store fronts, and the PSL makes its autumn debut in just about every coffee shop in the country. And, while many have had the PSL release date typed into their iPhone event calendar since last spring, some have decided that this pumpkin spice-craze has gone too far. Sean Bauer, for example, has had it with all things pumpkin spice. For four consecutive years, Bauer has been protesting against “premature pumpkin spicing.” This year Bauer stationed himself in front of a Wawa on South Broad Street in Philadelphia to educate fellow passersby about this fall-flavored catastrophe. On Aug. 26, Bauer posted a photo on Instagram accompanied by the caption, “Make America Great again by joining me in stopping premature pumpkin spicing #StopPrematurePumpkinSpicing.” Make America great again by joining me in stopping premature pumpkin spicing! #StopPrematurePumpkinSpicing | ????☕️????: @billycress A photo posted by Philadelphia ???? (@beansauer) on Aug 26, 2016 at 12:35pm PDT Bauer’s movement is slowly gaining traction —”This is an issue no political candidate is talking about this summer,” wrote Bauer’s newest protest recruit and co-worker Billy Cress. “That’s why when @beansauer asked me to join the fight against this epidemic I was immediately on board.” Cress and Bauer have reportedly been spreading the message via Reddit and Instagram with anti-pumpkin images. “I always see people talking about the drama surrounding this pumpkin-spice thing. When some people think about fall, they think of horrible artificial taste. We don’t see it that way,” Bauer told PhillyVoice on Monday afternoon. “When I think about fall, I’m picturing myself wearing a flannel shirt, drinking something like apple cider, not a sugary, fake nutmeg taste.” Thank you for the support. Together we can make a difference. #StopPrematurePumpkinSpicing | ????☕️????: @krissylei A photo posted by Philadelphia ???? (@beansauer) on Aug 31, 2016 at 2:13pm PDT When asked when the appropriate time for pumpkin-flavored beverages and treats should start hitting the shelves, Bauer said, “I would say mid-September. It’s that whole ‘Stockholm Syndrome thing.’ People wouldn’t care about purchasing it if it was available year-round.” According to PhillyVoice, Bauer’s campaign is far from over. The local activist plans on picketing at Reading Terminal Market to get his hands on an actual pumpkin. Bauer says he has “a few more pumpkin-themed things to up the drama.” But, ultimately Bauer says he really just wants to make people laugh,”the majority of my photography is aimed to make people laugh and smile. and I hope this accomplishes that,” Bauer told Kitchn. In addition to Billy Cress, Bauer’s partner in pumpkin-spice crime, others have chimed in on the movement via Twitter and other social media outlets, some going as far as referring to Bauer as a “hero.” Pumpkin spice isn't even all that good. #calmdown #StopPrematurePumpkinSpicing — Katy (@arniekat) August 31, 2016 #TuesdayTruth #stopprematurepumpkinspicing A photo posted by NikkiCeeRoos (@nikkiceeroos) on Aug 30, 2016 at 5:09am PDT @beansauer, you are a hero to the masses. #StopPrematurePumpkinSpicing #jointhemovement — Thomas Leemon (@ThomasLeemon) August 31, 2016 And, of course, the true basics are sticking to their guns. if someone tells u it is too soon for pumpkin spice cut them off. u dnt need that kind of negativity in ur life — S ➵ (@SkylarOxford) August 27, 2016 This year will mark Starbucks’ 13th anniversary of this fall favorite/non-favorite. That’s right, all of this autumnal, pumpkin-spice craziness began early in 2003 when a group of Starbucks’ scientists gathered in the “liquid Lab,” a secure research and development space located on the seventh floor of Starbucks’ headquarters in Seattle. Director of Espresso Americas for Starbucks, Peter Dukes, was the product manager who led the development of the coveted fall beverage. “Nobody knew back then what it would grow to be,” Dukes told Starbucks News. “It’s taken on a life of its own.” As a trial run, Starbucks released the PSL in 100 stores in Vancouver and Washington, D.C. in the fall of 2003. “Within the first week of the market test, we knew we had a winner,” Dukes continued. “Back then, we would call store managers on the phone to see how a new beverage was doing, and you could hear the excitement in their voices.” In 2004, the Pumpkin Spice Latte hit stores nationwide, bringing life to a brand new fall tradition. “Pumpkin Spice Latte has become more than just a beverage,” Dukes said. “It has become a harbinger of the season.” [Photo from Thinkstock]

Grilling 101: Grilling The Perfect Steak

Summer is right around the corner, which means it’s time to set up the grills and start cooking outside. If you’re a a bit of a novice on the basics of grilling, here is a guide to grilling your first steak, and grilling it right. First, you’ll have to decide if you want to go charcoal or gas when it comes to your grill. You probably already made this decision, and gas is pretty straightforward. When you’re ready to start cooking, all you need to do is open up the lid to your grill, then open up the valve to your propane tank all the way to the left, and then you can begin turning on the dials to light your individual burners. If you go with charcoal, light the charcoal and let the flames burn out until the coals become ash-like and all the flames are out. Now, with fat drippings from whatever you’re cooking, the flames will flare up a bit when you put your meat on the grill, but you should start without any flames at all. Wherever the stack of charcoal is directly under the grill is your direct heat section, and any area of the grill but doesn’t have charcoal directly underneath it has indirect heat. [Photo by Diana Price/Inquisitr]However, for steaks you want to go with direct heat, and for the rest of these instructions, let’s presume you have a gas grill as that’s the most common. So you want to turn on all your burners if you use gas, setting the grill on medium, and giving it a good 10 minutes to warm up. Once the grill has heated, use a brush to clean it when it’s easiest to scrub away debris. Backing up a bit, one of the most overlooked aspects of grilling a great steak takes place before you heat up that grill. While some recommend simply brushing your steaks with olive oil and some seasoning, there are also those who like to go whole hog and do a marinade of olive oil and seasoning as you let your refrigerated steaks come up to room temperature. And there’s another group still who swears that adding some balsamic vinegar to that olive oil and seasoning mix will make your steaks taste like heaven. Trust me, a little balsamic vinegar in that marinade soaking into the fat of the steak will make you throw out your A1 sauce forever, and you’ll be glad you did. Steak cooking times will vary depending on the thickness of the steak, obviously, and some recommend the 3–3–7–7 rule. That would be three minutes on each side on direct heat to sear the outside and seal in the juices, then an additional seven minutes on each side on indirect heat to finish cooking your steak. Personally, I’ve found that unless you have a really super thick steak and you like it really well done, that’s too long. Start with three minutes on each side with direct heat, and then you can check for doneness through one of the methods in this outstanding video from Weber grills. Steak connoisseurs recommend going for medium rare, and if that’s how you like your steak, those three minutes on each side are probably going to be enough to get the correct doneness you’re looking for with a browned exterior and a warm pink center. However for those who like it a little more well done and a little less bloody, a couple of minutes on indirect heat on each side can take it to medium for most steaks and grill settings. For gas grills, you set up indirect heat by turning off the middle burner and placing steaks in the center area so that the heat comes from the sides as opposed to directly under the steak. Obviously, this is where gas grills have a greater advantage due to being more precise in setting temperature, so you can replicate the same results each time. Once you have determined the steak is where you want it by your chosen method for checking how well done it is, it’s also important to let that ribeye or New York strip “rest” before cutting it, so that you don’t lose all those succulent juices escape by cutting it too soon. Let it sit for at least three to five minutes before cutting into your steak for the best results. Nothing screams summer like firing up that grill, and nothing beats the taste of a grilled steak when it’s done right. But of course, with these tips, that shouldn’t be a problem, and try one of these fabulous side dishes to go along with your grilled steaks, or some grilled asparagus. [Photo by Diana Price/Inquisitr][Photo by Diana Price/Inquisitr]

The 10 Best Holiday Cocktails For Christmas And New Year's 2016

‘Tis the season for indulging in some swoon-worthy cocktails, and we’ve rounded up the ten best for toasting the end of 2016, from Gingerbread Eggnog White Russians to skinny holiday drinks where you won’t miss the calories. First off on the must-have holiday list is the Gingerbread Eggnog White Russian from Delish. This is the ultimate holiday cocktail, combining the traditional White Russian flavors with Christmas’s favorite drink, eggnog, and some new additions to take it all over the top. Gingerbread Eggnog White Russian – https://t.co/CS0COYYsvx pic.twitter.com/40ZVKJNkPY — Heavens Recipes (@heavensrecipes) June 9, 2016 With a glass rimmed with cinnamon sugar and ingredients like caramel sauce, eggnog, vodka, ginger and molasses, you know this is a must-have indulgence for the holidays. It’s topped off with whipped cream and a drizzle of molasses, just to make it even more decadent. Continuing with the eggnog theme, Delish offers another fantastic holiday dessert drink with their Salted Caramel Eggnog. This one is even more simple but just as delicious, with eggnog, spiced rum, caramel sauce and a pinch of kosher salt. Drizzling caramel inside the glass beforehand gives it a fantastically fancy look and even more flavor. Top it with whipped cream and a drizzle of more caramel. Moscow Mules are trendy again, but if you want to spice up the mule for the holiday season, you have to try the Holiday Yuletide Mule! Made with #Gin, #gingerBeer and the best garnishes. Recipe is on our blog (link in bio). —– #yuletidemule #holidaymule #holidaycocktail #dranks #holidaydrinks #cheers #happyholidays #delicious #moscowmule #cocktailrecipe #foodphotography #foodie #foodieblog #gincocktail #makingspiritsbright #recipeoftheday #tastytasty #picoftheday #cocktail A photo posted by How To Feed A Loon (@howtofeedaloon) on Dec 15, 2016 at 3:02pm PST A Holiday Yuletide Mule is one of those drinks that’s so festive that it’s an excuse to throw a holiday party just to serve one. How to Feed a Loon offers the recipe for this Christmas-y cocktail that mixes ginger beer, gin, cranberry juice and simple syrup, with rosemary sprigs, orange slices and fresh cranberries rolled in sugar for garnishes. Alternately, check out the alternate holiday mule recipe below. Cranberry Muletide Bartender | @pourgirl Ginger | @the_ginger_people Calligraphy | @thecraftingcasa Copper Moscow Mule Mug | @target Gift Bag | @gogogiftbag Photographers | @_laurahernandez & @_rachelbench Recipe: Add the following ingredients to your shaker & muddle: 1/2 oz. minced ginger & 1 oz. lime juice. Add 2 oz. of cranberry sauce syrup and 1 1/2 oz. vodka, and shake ingredients well. Fine strain into a copper mug. Stir in a 5 oz a pour of your favorite ginger beer. We used one from The Ginger People. Garnish with candied ginger, lime wheel and raw cranberries. #holidayparty #mistletoemule #cranberrymuletide #holidaycocktail #moscowmule #holidayparty #christmascocktail #thegingerpeople #cocktailcaterer #signaturecocktail #montereyevents #carmelbythesea #seasonal #pourgirlbartending #craftcocktails #cranberry #vodka #ginger #lime A photo posted by Pour Girl Bartending™ (@pourgirl) on Dec 16, 2016 at 1:03pm PST Try a Champagne Cocktail for a simple but sophisticated change from traditional champagne. Esquire provides the simple recipe, which just calls for a sugar cube soaked in Angostura bitters at the bottom of a champagne glass and topped with sparkling wine. Garnish with a lemon twist. For a modern cocktail for saying goodbye to 2016 and ringing in 2017, try a Maple and Sage Gin Cream from Nolet. To make this sophisticated holiday drink, muddle two sage leaves in a mixing tin. Add 3/4 of an ounce of lemon juice, 1/2 an ounce of heavy cream, one ounce of maple syrup, and 2 ounces of Nolet’s Silver Dry Gin. Grate some nutmeg, add ice, and shake. Fine-strain into coupe glass. Garnish with sage leaf. Drink of the Week: Maple Sage Cream at @TheRickeyNY with Nolet’s Gin, Sage, Maple Syrup, Lemon & Cream and Nutmeg. pic.twitter.com/P4lWAZsmCi — Dream Midtown (@DreamMidtown) January 18, 2016 For a festive low-calorie holiday cocktail, try a Good Tidings from Esquire, which combines vodka, cointreau, cranberry juice, lemon juice and allspice dram in a pretty pink concoction sure to get you in the winter spirit. Likewise, try a fun and festive Jack Frost. Find the simple recipe below. One of my favorite holiday drinks…Jack Frost. Delicious!! ???? ???? #forevermooreentertainment #bartenderlife #holidaycocktail #jackfrost A photo posted by Sharina Moore (@forevermooreent) on Dec 15, 2016 at 8:28pm PST Turning in another direction, try a Hot Swede for a great twist on the holiday flavor of apple cider. This winter cocktail from Rekorderlig combines seven ounces of hard apple cider with one ounce of spiced rum, one tablespoon of honey and a quarter of a lemon, squeezed. Stir, heat and serve with a cinnamon stick and an orange wheel. This fun drink makes a great holiday punch, too. Yes, it is the season for a hot Spiced Apple Hard Cider #beautifullyswedish #rekorderligcider #rekorderlig #wintercider A photo posted by RekorderligUSA (@rekorderligusa) on Dec 8, 2016 at 1:31pm PST Finally, classic holiday drinks like Hot Buttered Rum never go out of season. Head to Food Network for Emeril Legasse’s traditional recipe that warms your belly and tastes like the holidays in the best possible way. Mix up a batch of the base recipe of butter, brown sugar and classic holiday spices to keep in the fridge, then add a dollop to a mug and top with rum and boiling water whenever you’re in the mood for some holiday cheer. Did we leave your favorite out of our roundup? Comment with your must-have holiday cocktail. [Featured Image by vm2002/Shutterstock]