Kristen Stewart Seeing Robert Pattinson With FKA Twigs A ‘Bitter Pill’ To Swallow? – Hall Of Fame Magazine

Kristen Stewart Seeing Robert Pattinson With FKA Twigs A ‘Bitter Pill’ To Swallow?

Kristen Stewart have felt a little bit of pain seeing Robert Pattinson with FKA Twigs during their meeting at the 2016 Met Gala in New York City on Monday.

It was not an easy night for Kristen Stewart.

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Following their meeting at the 2016 Met Gala, alleged sources said Stewart, 26, had a “bitter pill to swallow” after seeing her Twilight co-star and ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson, 29, together with FKA Twigs, 28.

According to reports, Stewart and Pattinson’s meeting was somewhat “bittersweet,” especially when she was reminded again that her ex is now engaged. It was said that she did not “exactly” enjoyed it; however, she decided to let it go.

“It was a bitter pill to swallow, but Kristen was happy to see Rob in a loving and happy relationship with Tahliah (Twigs) at the Met Gala,” an insider told Hollywood Life, adding, “Kristen wants nothing but happiness for Rob, having hurt him all those years ago and she believes Tahliah is just what he deserves.”

In 2012, Stewart was caught cheating on Pattinson with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. Sanders, 45, was married to model Liberty Ross, 37, with their two children, who later filed for a divorce with Sanders.

After the cheating scandal broke out over the net, it prompted Stewart to apologize to her fans and everyone affected. She also apologized to Pattinson.

While their supporters were hoping that they would still be together, Pattinson shocked the Twilight fandom in 2014 after revealing he and Stewart officially called it quits.

The split hurt Stewart so much in which she said during an interview with Daily Beast via Us Weekly that it was “incredibly painful.”

“Ugh, ******* kill me,” she said.

Now that it has been four years already since the cheating scandal and two years since the confirmed split, but it seemed Kristen Stewart somehow missed her relationship with Robert Pattinson if the insider’s claims are true.

Nevertheless, she seemed to be trying to move on.

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Photo source: Facebook|The Twilight Saga

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Blake Shelton Performs With Gwen Stefani; Shelton's Ex-wife Miranda Lambert 'Not Upset' – Hall Of Fame Magazine

Blake Shelton Performs With Gwen Stefani; Shelton’s Ex-wife Miranda Lambert ‘Not Upset’

The country music artist Blake Shelton has recently performed a duet with the new lover Gwen Stefani and also released a new song, which fans speculated that it was referring to his ex-wife Miranda Lambert. Apparently, Lambert did not give attention to the issue.

As reported in E! Online, the 39-year-old songwriter-singer Blake Shelton and his lover Gwen Stefani, 46, performed Go Ahead And Break My Heart. The couple has done for the first time their live duet on Monday night’s episode of The Voice. On that same night as well, Shelton visited Los Angeles in iHeartRadio Theater to talk about his new music, which includes the track I Bet You Still Think About Me.

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Shelton and Stefani met when they both became judge in The Voice and began dating after their recent split from their spouses. Shelton and his former wife Miranda Lambert finalized their divorce last July, while Stefani ended her 13 years of marriage to rocker-actor Gavin Rossdale last October.

It is noted in Yahoo News that both them expressed their heartbreak in the lyrics of his Go Ahead And Break My Heart song; he also admitted that the tune addressed the conflict they encountered when they first started the relationship. He added saying that they had trust issues but were getting over it as the two collaboratively wrote the song.

On the other hand, fans instantaneously speculated that Shelton’s song I Bet You Still Think About Me is about his ex-wife Miranda Lambert. However, Shelton has not confirmed the rumors and seemed like Lambert did not mind after all.

In that matter, a source explained that Miranda is not upset about the lyrics and is fully aware what country music artists do when making new music.

Miranda, who was married to Shelton in 201, is now enjoying life with lover Anderson East whether in making new songs or performing together on stage. The pair has been looking forward for their future together as their romantic relationship continues to mature.


Photo source: Mingle Media TV via Wikimedia Commons|Blake Shelton

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Rekindling Romance? Actress Dumped Soko For Ex-Lover? – Hall Of Fame Magazine

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Rekindling Romance? Actress Dumped Soko For Ex-Lover?

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are said to be rekindling their romance after the two were spotted at a coffee shop in L.A. Will love be sweeter the second time around for the Twilight co-stars?

According to Star Magazine via Celeb Dirty Laundry, Stewart and her former lover, Pattinson had a secret meeting in Los Angeles. The top secret date took place shortly after the Café Society actress and Soko called it quits.

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“He was a perfect gentleman, pulling her chair out for her,” the source said to the tabloid. “They looked very friendly. She was even wearing his sweatshirt!”

Stewart had a brief relationship with Stéphanie Sokolinski, better known by her stage name Soko. However, the couple split earlier this month. After the breakup, the French singer wrote on Snapchat “I hate cheaters,” prompting speculations that the actress cheated on her with either FKA Twigs’ fiancé, Pattinson or Alicia Cargile.

While Stewart is yet to comment about the latest buzz, Gossip Cop, on the hand, quickly debunked the report. The site claimed that they investigated the report about Stewart and Pattinson’s secret reunion and found out that the whole story was false.

Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart has been making headlines with her rumored girlfriend, Alicia Cargile. Multiple sources claimed that the pair just got back together.

Recently, Stewart also brought Cargile at the Cannes Festival. There were also reports that the pair were spotted holding hands as they walked out from LAX airport.

As for Robert Pattinson, the actor was said to be ready to walk down the aisle with FKA Twigs this December. However, the report is yet to be confirmed.

While Pattinson and Stewart remained mum about the swirling rumors, Soko took to Instagram to share her own version of the Lemon Tree song. The singer-songwriter was happily singing while holding a bunch of lemons.


Photo source: Gerald Geronimo via Wikimedia Commons/Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Zayn Malik's Ex Gigi Hadid Talks About Her Girl Squad Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift – Hall Of Fame Magazine

Zayn Malik’s Ex Gigi Hadid Talks About Her Girl Squad Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have broken up, but the Victoria Secret model is not alone because her girl squad Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevigne, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are always by her side.

According to E! Online, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have now taken things slow. The two are not seeing each other anymore because of their busy schedules, which led them to decide to call their relationship quits. Since then, Hadid has reportedly been back spending time with her friends Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift.

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The rumored reason? Malik and Hadid were reportedly fighting during the model’s birthday.

“During her birthday they were fighting and they have broken up and got back together a few times,” an insider claimed.

The site also said that Hadid and Malik have had an on and off relationship and most of the time they get back together in the next few hours after the split.

“Zayn and Gigi did break up, but they can likely get back together tomorrow. It is all very unclear what’s going on between them now,” another insider claimed. “They been having some issues lately that involved communication and getting along.”

In the meantime, Hadid had an interview with Love Magazine via According to her, Jenner and Swift have been helping her deal with her problems most of the time.

Hadid shared how she deals with the bashers, especially when the comments are very harsh.

“I am going to call Kendall, because Kendall’s the one who will always be like, ‘You don’t need that, just let it go,’” Hadid said during the interview. “And I know that if that’s working for her then it can work for me.”

She also admitted that doing the Bad Blood video with Swift and their friends is one of the best things she has done, although Jenner was not in it.

Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift have been friends for years and fans are wondering if they will be doing another music video soon.


Photo Source: Twitter/Kendall Jenner

One Direction's Harry Styles Goes Solo, Record Labels Fighting, Cuts His Hair For Movie? – Hall Of Fame Magazine

One Direction’s Harry Styles Goes Solo, Record Labels Fighting, Cuts His Hair For Movie?

One Direction’s front-man seems to create a tug of war between record labels, as they fight to get Harry Styles and sign up with them. Styles is ready to start on his new album given the fact that his former boy band has gone on hiatus.

According to Unreaity TV, the former One Direction front-man Harry Styles is the focus artist of numerous record labels nowadays. Styles is said to be invited by many record labels, as they want to be part of his new journey as a solo music artist.

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The Twitter handler of @1DFAMILY reported that Styles is choosing between different and biggest record labels in the whole world.

“UMG and Sony are apparently fighting over who gets to sign Harry,” the @1DFAMILY tweeted. “Irving Azoff has been telling labels that Harry will decide himself when his new contract would end.”

However, it seems like Styles is still undecided as to where and which record label he will be signing with since he has not yet announced the record producer he would want to work with.

Meanwhile, it has also been reported by Unreality TV that Styles will also be starring in an upcoming movie, which would mean that One Direction has really split for good.

“H has a great movie role, so I am back!” Des Styles wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the site also reported that Style’s hair might be needed to get cut off, as he signed up for a movie role. Fans got sad after learning that he might cut his hair out.

“I seriously dont want him to cut his hair for the movie but at the same time i do #RIPHarrysHair,” a fan tweeted.

One Direction members including Harry Styles has not responded if they will be going on a permanent break and if they have disbanded except Zayn Malik. Styles has also not confirmed if he will still be working with the band in the future.

Photo Source: Honeygillan via Wikimedia Commons/Harry Styles

Girl Meets World’s Rowan Blanchard Reveals Why She Hates Red Carpet – Hall Of Fame Magazine

Girl Meets World’s Rowan Blanchard Reveals Why She Hates Red Carpet

Rowan Blanchard revealed that she really hates red carpet moments. Apparently, she is not the only who hates it, but her model/actress pal, Hari Nef as well. Hence, both of them took to Twitter to have a serious conversation about the realities that come with fame.

The conversation actually started when the 14-year-old Girl Meets World star posted a picture of her on Instagram. “OK I don’t usually post carpet photos bc the carpet is a really uncomfortable, scary place 4 me but here is a photo that I don’t look stressed,” Blanchard wrote about the pic.

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Nef, who appeared on the April cover of Interview with Blanchard quickly took to Twitter to say that red carpet events are not that glamorous as it seems. The actress, who made a tremendous performance on 2014 Transparent, also said that she and her feminist friend, Blanchard, should host their own segment on the Fashion Police, so they can share with everybody why they hate red carpet events.

Rowan Blanchard immediately responded saying, “omg yes PLS!!! It’s so soul sucking.” Hari Nef then went on to reveal that all the outfits she feels comfortable will only “look crazy under those awful lights.”

Both stars got into really interesting topic – revealing how they really feel when they walked the red carpet. At the end, both of them agreed that the platform is a weird place that can be uncomfortable for celebrities like them.

In some later tweets, Net clarified that red carpet events are not that traumatic. She just really finds it weird that the clothes she loves the most were “construed as unflattering.”

Meanwhile, Blanchard wished her Girl Meets World co-star, Sabrina Carpenter a happy birthday on a sweet way. The actress shared Carpenter’s image to the social media platform with a very nice message. “I am so thankful for that bond,” the young actress wrote. ”I am so thankful to have you. I love you, happy birthday.”


Photo source: Instagram/Rowan Blanchard

Miranda Lambert Unfazed On Blake Shelton's ‘I Bet You Still Think About Me’ – Hall Of Fame Magazine

Miranda Lambert Unfazed On Blake Shelton’s ‘I Bet You Still Think About Me’

Miranda Lambert is said to be unfazed by the new track of Blake Shelton, I Bet You Still Think About Me, with her reportedly looking forward to her future together with her new boyfriend, Anderson East.

While Blake Shelton is gearing up to release his new album titled If I’m Honest, which apparently contains tracks about him getting over his divorce from estranged wife Miranda Lambert, a new report claimed that the Over You songstress is not upset at all with the new song. She is said to be enjoying her time with her new beau instead.

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“Miranda is aware of what country artists do when creating new music,” a source disclosed to E! Online. “She is not upset at the lyrics because she knows it’s just how it goes, especially as a country artist.”

Providing some insights about Miranda Lambert’s personal life, the source said that Shelton’s ex and her boyfriend, Anderson East are getting serious with their relationship as they are thinking now of moving in together. In addition, the new lovebirds are said to be planning to have their own children.

Meanwhile, after heating The Voice stage with Gwen Stefani with their duet Go Ahead And Break My Heart, Shelton went into the meaning behind his new song I Bet You Still Think About Me. Although he did not mention Lambert’s name, he said that the message of the track is basically about the sad part of a divorce or breakup.

“Even though stuff didn’t work out, I bet you miss me a little bit,” he explained during the iHeartRadio interview. “It’s a sad song.”

It was just most recently when Blake Shelton sat down with Entertainment Tonight, where he discussed his upcoming album. The country singer revealed during the interview that his next album will tackle his divorce and his new found romance with Gwen Stefani.

“It doesn’t take, you know, a rocket scientist. If you have followed my career even a little bit in my life, you know what has happened with me in the last, gosh, eight or nine months,” Blake Shelton said. “It is all on the record.”


Photo source: Dave Hogg via Wikimedia Commons/Miranda Lambert

UN Ambassador Angelina Jolie Addresses Global Refugee Crisis, British Public Got Furious – Hall Of Fame Magazine

UN Ambassador Angelina Jolie Addresses Global Refugee Crisis, British Public Got Furious

The Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations, Angelina Jolie-Pitt, recently delivered a speech that discusses the global refugee crisis and the growth of the “politics of fear”. Apparently, some of the  British people and conservative politicians attacked her for telling people how to vote in the referendum.

In an interview with BBC News, the Hollywood star warned that the international humanitarian system that helps refugees is breaking down. She also pointed out that the fear of migration should be eradicated and called out for a united response by the western nations to the mounting crisis of international displacement.

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One of the keynotes in her speech was when the actress said that the duty falls on all of us. There should be a world movement to address the issues such as poverty, oppressive regimes and environmental crises.

To reminisce, a primary kid curiously inquired why the actress focuses more of her time on the refugees. Jolie answered her that when a person can be a part of something in the world, it will be a happier life.  

In an opinion-based article posted in The Kansas City Star, Angelina Jolie has really good intentions in all the trips. To note, the celebrity has visited refugees around the globe, attended seminars that deal on immigration and delivered speeches for more than 10 years.

However, in her speech on refugee crisis and the issue of isolationism, European politicians, specifically the conservative ones, and the British public got angry at what she said. The UN envoy seemingly implied in her speech  how to vote in the referendum this June 23.

The referendum centers on the concern of refugee crisis and on whether or not the United Kingdom would still be part of European Union.

According to the author, the fury of some of the British people reflects the politics today. The rise of isolationism is seen when politicians use refugee issues as a political matter. For that reason, Brad Pitt’s wife, Angelina Jolie, was condemned for speaking out and revealing the sad truth.


Photo source: Flickr user G8 UK|Angelina Jolie

Kate Middleton, Prince William's Daughter Princess Charlotte May Appear at the Queen's Birthday Parade on June – Hall Of Fame Magazine

Kate Middleton, Prince William’s Daughter Princess Charlotte May Appear at the Queen’s Birthday Parade on June

Kate Middleton and Prince William‘s daughter, Princess Charlotte, may soon join the royal family at the balcony of the Buckingham Palace for Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday parade.

Royal watchers may get to see Princess Charlotte, along with Prince George in the Trooping the Colors parade as planned by Prince William and wife Kate Middleton. However, a source from the royal watch admitted that the princess’s appearance in the annual event will depend upon her mood that day, Vanity Fair reported.

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The royal couple believe that it will be a great idea to bring the princess in the event. In fact, the Duke of Cambridge said that the people will see more of their children in the birthday celebration of the Queen.

Last year’s Trooping the Colors event, Kate Middleton and Prince William’s son Prince George made his first appearance in the Buckingham Palace. He was even photographed wearing the same blue-and-white attire that his royal father previously worn while waving at the crowds. The royal toddler seemed enjoying the crowd and the fly-past show.

The upcoming birthday parade will mark the third time that people will get to see the royal Princess Charlotte. The first time she went out in public was when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took her home from the hospital last 2015. The second was during her christening in July 2015.

Aside from her public appearance, Princess Charlotte, who recently celebrated her birthday, was also seen through the released photos taken by Kate Middleton herself. The royal toddler and her 2-year-old brother appeared in a portrait. The pint-sized beauty gladly sat on the lap of her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Earlier this month, several photos of Princess Charlotte were released by Kensington palace. TIME reported that the snapshots were taken at the royal Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Anmer Hall, their home in Norfolk, last April. Some of the pictures showed Princess Charlotte pushing a colorful trolley while smiling at the camera.

Meanwhile, royal fans and watchers may enjoy and relish the festivities of the Trooping the Colors, the Queen’s 90th birthday parade, on June 11.


Photo source: Flickr user InSapphoWeTrust|Kate Middleton

Robert Pattinson's Ex-Girlfriend Kristen Stewart Splits With Soko? 'Café Society' Star Hangs With CJ Romero – Hall Of Fame Magazine

Robert Pattinson’s Ex-Girlfriend Kristen Stewart Splits With Soko? ‘Café Society’ Star Hangs With CJ Romero

Robert Pattinson’s ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart has split with Soko and she was seen hanging out with her best friend CJ Romero.

The Twilight actress, and co-star of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart has been spotted with CJ Romero. Stewart is currently wrapping up scenes for Café Society, an upcoming movie that tackles the life of a young New Yorker played by Jesse Eisenberg, who moved to Hollywood to find a job and fell in love with Stewart’s character. The film was written and directed by Woody Allen. The movie is set in a 1930’s Hollywood industry, with classic clothes, styles and cars.

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Just Jared even revealed photos of Stewart and Romero in the streets of Beverly Hills. She was said to be waiting for her car at the valet after shopping with Romero. Fans are now wondering if the reports are true that Soko and Stewart have called their relationship quits.

Stewart’s relationship with the French singer Soko, whose real name is Stephanie Sokolinski, has reportedly ended. According to Movie News Guide, Stewart and Soko might have possible already called it quits after fans have seen the actress walking alone in Beverly Hills.

The site also reported that Stewart might be getting back with Pattinson, as the actor was said to have split with his fiance FKA Twigs. However, this report is yet to be confirmed by Pattinson since he is still pursuing his engagement with the singer.

In the meantime, Stewart will be starring in the comedy and drama movie Cafe Society with Blake Lively, Kelly Rohrbach, Anna Camp, Jesse Eisenberg and Steve Carell.

Café Society will premiere in US theaters on August 12, 2016 from Lionsgate and Amazon Studios.

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Photo Source: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons/Kristen Stewart